A day at Khorat doing ‘not a lot’! – Day 198 – 4 August

Today we actually had ourselves quite a relaxing day as we set out (and to be fair, quite easily accomplished) the ridiculous feat of doing completely ‘bugger-all’. We both just stayed in our room and I actually spent a good part of the time just lazing about naked – as you do – but by the night time and with our batteries fully charged again it was time to get back out and show Khorat what we were all about.

So at night we went out and dined on steak – this is backpacking ‘posh-style’! Actually the food was excellent and the service … well it has to be said that the service was just a little too good, especially in the beer providing or as it is known – the glass filling department. After filling up on the delicious steak we stumbled along to a bar that sold the most extortionately priced imported beers but after an initial and expensive mistake we soon realised that the home brewed Thai stuff (Leo) was much more reasonably priced. So we had ourselves a Leo each whilst watching the Katoye (Ladyboy) club next door to our hotel.

Liz kept threatening to take me across to have a look inside but after her last drink she started to feel a bit worse for wear and a wee bit tired too so we did not give it a go – am not sure whether I was glad or disappointed really … lol!


Khorat – Day of Rest!


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