The Bus trip, the Pharmacy and Downtown Khorat – Day 197 – 3 August

It was going to be quite an early start today, the hotel had arranged for a Tuk Tuk to come and collect us so we had to be packed and ready for the off once again. It was not long before we were at the Minibus station once more and although we had never noticed it before the place was next to a whole field and building that seemed to be dedicated to cockerels – no idea why? Well they were more like colourful statuettes of cockerels really, cool but I have no idea why?


Really cool, colourful cocks!

The minibus that picked us up here was to take us to the ‘real’ bus station in order that we could then pick up the ‘big bus’ to take us to our next destination, Khorat. It all sounds a bit confusing and long winded but it all seems to work out alright and it gives you chance to actually mix with real Thai people which makes for a good trip. It does not, however, stop the bus trip from being a long one though. A big plus was that we could buy a ‘sausage on a stick’, now this turned out to be absolutely delicious and one of those things you really have to stop yourself from buying loads more of. During the bus trip and perhaps in some small part because of it, my neck must have been struggling with something along the way because it seemed to be coming out in some sort of sweat rash that looked a bit like ringworm, not the very most attractive thing and it was devilishly itchy.

So it was that after we reached Khorat and then got a taxi to our hotel that we quickly went off out in search of drugs – well it was ointments really but ‘drugs’ sounds so much more rock and/or roll doesn’t it! Although we only had a vague idea of where we were in the town we knew it was the older part of the town. The roads in the old town were not that busy but they all looked very similar so finding our bearings was a bit trickier than we imagined but as we wondered about we soon enough came across a pharmacy and after I had managed to act out itchiness of the neck and ringworm, the lady behind the counter seemed to understand my mimicry and handed over various creams and pills, we shall have to see how this all works out!


Around the moat – very nice place to mooch about

As we went further about we came across the moat that surrounds the old city and this was nice and quite impressive as both in and around the water there were various statues of all sorts. There are also some very nice fountains and nice Wats in the same area as well so it is really a cool area to have a look around. Across the moat in the newer part of the city are the newest and bigger shops and everything looks more commercial but as the old town has far much more charm so this is where we stayed and strolled.

It was now however getting on for teatime and our bellies were telling us that we were hungry by grumbling on a bit. So we knew it was time to find food and for ‘once’ our Lonely Planet guide let us down a bit. The first eatery in the guide we could not find and for the second we managed to find the sign for it but we could not find the eatery itself. So being desperate we had to plump for the next diner we came across but this quick decision was also something of a rash choice as the place turned out to be mainly frequented by school kids and was nothing more than a fast food joint and not even a very good one at that – boohoo!


Liz showing me how to use the walker thing properly just before I had a go!!!!

By the time we had eaten, being somewhat weary, we decided it was time to call it a day so we took the walk back to the hotel. Along the way back we noticed outdoor gym gear for early morning workouts, so we decided to give it a go which I could not really get the hang of! Nearer the hotel, some of the streets were definitely on the dark and shabby side and one thing that we had not noticed earlier in the day when we reached our hotel, was that next door was a Ladyboy joint – I hope Liz does not expect us to be paying that place a visit before we leave … lol!


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