Hungover in Siem Reap – Day Off! – Day 192 – 29 July

No photos from today as we both awoke with a wee bit of a hangover each! So very early on in the day’s proceedings we decided this would be a day devoted to some rest and recovery. So we did very little indeed but managed to do it with a bit of a humming or even pounding head – argh!

So we did not actually venture out until the night time when we tried a place at the nearby roundabout that was just a stone’s throw from our hotel. The place was frequented by the locals so we were hoping for some good food and to be fair we were not disappointed. We were actually charged a bit more than the locals but it was still worthwhile as the food had been that good. Liz had a hot curry and here these are really hot and tasty but she seems to be getting into it and had no problems consuming the whole plateful.

After the food had somewhat revived us we decided to go and look for some more entertainment so ended up at the same nightspot as last night. There was not quite the same buzz about the place though the band were trying their best but it did not stop us having a couple of beers each and requesting a few choons. The band actually ended up playing us some Queen, I was not even that sure whether or not that was what we requested but I feel sure Liz would have sneaked it in there somewhere.


Pub Street in Siem Reap, to the uninitiated, is a riot of colour, neon lights and sound coming at you from every side. There are bars catering to all tastes and most of the people wandering down the place have, at the very least, a slight stagger to their walk. It is definitely a very interesting place though and a top spot for watching the ‘wildlife’ as it were. Some of the stalls there do a very strange line in snacks though, having amongst other things – deep fried tarantulas, meal worms, scorpions and the like. A far cry from the cheese and onion crisps you can get back home. At one point the rains really bucketed it down so we needed to quickly don our ponchos and then during our attempts to get a photo of the scene we were actually photo-bombed by a young fellow wanting to get in on the act!


Me, Liz and our love-child Mowgli!


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