Crocs and presents for our adopted ‘Family’ – Day 187 – 24 July

More noodles for our breakfast – at this rate I shall soon begin to resemble one of those slippery white things! Whilst having breakfast, Kamnet requested that rather than us leaving tomorrow that instead, if we were willing, could we stay for an extra day, a day out with him and his family. This kind offer came as a great surprise to us so we were happy to say yes to the request and stick around for a little bit longer. Then after breakfast Kamnet took us out on another excursion back towards Battambang for a visit to the Crocodile farm there. It seemed to be placed halfway up an alleyway in a residential area so I hoped for the surrounding households that the farm did not suffer too greatly from escapees!


The jaws of death …. holding a baby croc lol!

At the Croc farm, Kamnet left us in the care of the guide, are they ‘guides’ or perhaps more ‘farmers’, who knows? Anyhow, the lady guide working there started off by letting us hold some of the wee snappers, who really looked as if they were enjoying all of the attention. Well to be fair they looked more like little evil crocodiles really but, in my own crazy world, they were actually enjoying us holding them! She then took us up on top of the walls that looked over the rather big enclosures. The fencing was not the greatest but believe me we kept well enough back from the edge of the drop as some of the inmates looked considerably hungry. We were told that the farm here held about four hundred or so crocodiles all at different stages of growth.


A bit trickier than looking after cows methinks – moo!

The guide showing us around had a really good grasp of the English language and along on our tour she also explained to us how she was saving up all her hard earned cash in order that she could take the tests to become Battambang’s first lady Tuk Tuk driver. After the tour round we gave her a bit of a tip to help her on her way, so I do hope she gets her wish, if we return to Battambang who knows we may get a free trip or two!

Kamnet then drove us back into town where we got some money out from the ATM in order that we could pay him in some small way for all of his kindness. We also wanted to buy them some presents – so for Kamnet we got some cigarettes and, after her husband’s input, we bought his wife some calcium enriched sterilised milk (they both were of the opinion that it would turn the baby a whiter shade of skin!). Strangely enough they felt that being lighter in skin tone would give their baby a bit of a head start in life! We also bought some cakes for the kids and ourselves but once again we later had so much to eat, thanks to the family, that we left our cakes on the side in the garage and they were far too tasty for the ants to leave alone so that put paid to them.

We not only were given dinner today but perhaps because of the gifts we had given the family we also received loads of snacks as well, which is partly the reason why it was the ants rather than ourselves that snacked on our lovely cakes! We were absolutely bursting at the seams and so sleep came easy during yet another of our afternoon siestas, making us fully refreshed and revitalised for our final teaching session with the kids.


First a Goodbye to the smaller kids!

The last lesson with the kids was really good and we were both sad to say goodbye to them all at the end. It was quite touching and a bit of a sad parting of the ways. I told them all how very much I had enjoyed my time with them and that they were not only the best of students but also the very best of people and I wished them all the best in their studies before it was the obligatory photos.


And a Goodbye to the older kids as well!

Well for a change we had yet more food after teaching and then I had a plastic bottle fight with Kamnet’s son which continued until we both nearly collapsed from exhaustion, well at least one of us very nearly did! We then had our ablutions and settled down for an early night to ready ourselves for tomorrow’s trip out with the family.


A most unnecessary fire!


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