A Great Day Out and Goodbye to a Very Great Family – Day 188 – 25 July


My wife’s Little School – getting ready for a break from teacher it seems … Lol

Rather than us once more putting on our backpacks and heading off into the Sunset or Sunrise, Kamnet had kindly asked us to stay, so it was up early for a day out with him and his lovely family, people we had really grown to care for over the very few days that we had stayed with them. So, instead we packed up our much smaller hand packs and helped load up the Tuk Tuk and we all set off forth into the countryside.

Our first stop was only a short way away and a brief one at that, at the local market so that Kamnet could put a bit more air in the tyres, then we set off on our tour proper. We soon enough came to the trees where we had previously seen the huge Fruit bats that we had seen during our earlier moped tour. Then Kamnet took us all to his parent’s house which was quite a big place with some fields roundabout and a few animals too. Once here we met his sister and brother-in-law, who had recently had a little tiny baby girl. It turned out that they had been relaxing by watching telly, Mr Bean, of all things. So Kamnet took us out into the fields and told us a bit more about how his father had actually built the house that his parents and sister’s family now all lived in, it was really impressive. His parents were not there though so we loaded back up onto the Tuk Tuk and this time Kamnet took us to meet them.

It turned out that they were actually working at their stall that is close to some lock gates where some of the canals meet. At first sight it seemed quite a strange place to have a stall but we soon saw that the place was a bit of fishing heaven and both rods and nets were being used by anglers in the rushing waters. Here they fed us some really good food before we all relaxed in the hammocks. This is the proper way to chill out and although they could speak no English they were really nice people. We then went for a bit of a swim in one of the nearby murky canals which, due to the lock being open, had a really strong current and the kids were not the greatest swimmers so it was a bit of a swimming lesson for them and quite a laugh for us too. I had taken the GoPro and was trying to get an action shot of them in the water but they were a wee bit nervous of the whole thing and possibly with good reason too as it was difficult to keep upright in the water.


The water is just a touch murky!

We said our goodbyes and then from their Kamnet drove us further along to the Thousand Island resort, along the way we passed kids just being kids, having a great time jumping off the low bridges into the canals. The resort was not so much the Thousand Islands surrounded by loads of water rather than loads of land interspersed with some rather large puddles. The recent drought had hit the place rather hard and although there were some zip lines, I don’t think there was enough water to jump from them into. Anyhow they had been shut up and locked to keep people from going up them. There was not that much to do at the resort so we left the place and went on to Mount Bayan (once more) to see the temple.


Girls together conquering Mount Bayan

We had been to Mount Bayan before on the moped tour but this time, with our adopted family it was just so very much better. Kamnet’s wife made it all the way to the top of Bayan, pregnant and all, she is just so very amazing. It was a great place for some photo opportunities not only just because of the place itself but also by us being there with our ‘new family’ and the fact that we even came across one or two of our students as well, my students! It still seems so strange to write here … my students! Lol.


Our family away from our own family – Thank You x

The way back home was quite a trek and once we arrived we had a bit of a surprise, the tractor which had come along to start work on Kamnet’s new bathroom had actually got stuck in the mud outside the school! So both of ourselves along with Kamnet, his family and all his neighbours had to drag wood out from all over the place to put under the tractor’s wheels in order to get the tractor moving. It seemed to be doing nothing at all until finally after a bit of rocking, it finally started moving.

To end the day off, we all just sat round the family’s outdoor dining table and for one very last time broke bread together. It was just such a great way to end our stay with a truly great man and his very great family. They even got out the family photos and we saw pictures of them when they got married, they both looked so very young, very full of hope and both so very beautiful – really good people to have found along the way on our journey and be so very lucky to spend a bit of time with.


A beautiful couple on the outside and the inside too


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