A ride with English stoners and a poorly driver before finally reaching Kep – Day 175 – 12 July

Well to be fair it all seemed very easy enough before we started just a simple little jaunt from Phnom Penh to a place on the coast called Kep, somehow though we knew it was going to be one of those days. First off after eating our meagre rations of breakfast as quickly as we could, the rather large minibus we were awaiting to collect us turned up rather late. This undersized coach seemed a bit big, though not big enough to actually be comfortable. So we assumed it was just going to be used to transfer us to our real coach. Our first passenger collection, was a South American lad who looked a bit of a free spirit – i.e. possibly under the influence of drugs – and he boarded under the apparent illusion that we were to be stopping for breakfast before there was any real travelling to be done – oh the naivety of youth thought I. It even made me glad for our hotel’s breakfast. Next up we collected three lads and a couple of lasses who all seemed to be from the UK. The lasses were incessantly chattering whilst the lads, although having voices that spoke of a good English background or education were also in the habit of talking the absolute crap that only the drugged or clinically insane talk – and to be fair they could have qualified on both counts. They seemed almost as if they were trying too hard to ‘act’ the part of stoners or maybe it is just my age talking!


Possibly the best person to have on traffic control at a roundabout!

Well it looked as if there was no sign of the great bus changeover that we hoped would signal an ability for us to stretch our legs out and get comfortable but it was not to be. The roads were a bit of a trial and our driver must have had a dodgy meal the night before or earlier in the day as he seemed to be sweating profusely and every now and again would stop off to be sick. At first we did not twig onto what was going on but after one stop off he came back to the bus literally looking like death warmed up, poor fellow. I do not think the roads helped his cause as they were busy and had a fair few potholes to either avoid or fall into depending upon his reflexes. This meant that we were late arriving at Kampot so we had missed our connecting bus to our intended destination of Kep.

The lady who represented the bus company at Kampot gave our ill driver and then ourselves very little sympathy indeed. So we had to wait until the next connecting bus came into town, this was not a particularly long wait but it was a particularly wet one as every now and again it would simply pour it down. Though later than planned we were finally told by the grim lady that our bus would soon be arriving at the nearby bus station. Although the rain had stopped our bus appeared to have parked in the middle of a small lake just outside the bus station but after handing over our tickets we swam across and boarded our bus. Okay I may be exaggerating a tad here but the bus was in a very big and very deep puddle and as we boarded it was trying to rain yet again!

It was a grey journey to Kep but it did not last too long and we soon enough reached the little seaside town which looks out onto the Gulf of Thailand. When we got dropped off our hotel was still quite a walk away so we grabbed a tuk tuk and let it do the work. Our hotel looked good enough and our room was quite nice and comfy so we were happy enough to get settled in. Soon enough though we decided to get out and about as we wanted to see a bit of the town so we put our boots back on and off we went.


Welcome to Kep!

We stopped at one of the many eateries situated by the sea and whilst we ate we watched the storm clouds gathering in the distance over Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island). Before arriving here, my plan was to go over and have a look at the island as it looked lovely in the photos but from where we were sitting this did not seem at all possible. The island was not the only thing that was going to get wet as the clouds seemed to be heading our way. It did not stop us from having look round the rest of the place though. To be fair it was only a small place anyhow but it looked a nice little fishing town and there was even a small beach then just a bit inland was the big hill overlooking the town. The hill looked very rainforesty. After our small look around the small town we went back to our hotel and along the way we saw a monkey or two scrabbling around the litter looking a bit vicious-like so we kept our heads down and did not stop to chat. It was quite a walk back to our digs so upon our return we kicked back and had a bit of a siesta just to recharge the batteries.


Had to photograph them while they were not looking – sick of the Paparazzi!

Once recharged, for our evening meal we went to try and find a restaurant that our lady hotel manager recommended but we failed miserably so we ended up at this place which looked like a great big treehouse with all sorts of paraphernalia in it. The meal was not bad but the impressive surroundings made it even better and the walk back home in the pitch black, using just the IPhone’s small light was quite an exhilarating experience to end the day with.


My Lovely Wife – soon to look quite a bit more ‘worried’ as we walked back in the dark!


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