Bob Marley meets Pizza Hut and a game of pool against Fagin’s ‘angels’ – Day 173 – 10 July

After yesterday’s emotional trauma at Phnom Penh’s more horrific tourist sites from the Pol Pot era, we decided that today would be a day of rest so we simply spent most of the day relaxing around the hotel. Good thing too, as most of the day it was intermittently raining. The day was not entirely wasted though as, using the net, we had at least decided upon an unusual place to go for a bite to eat on the night time.

So that is how at teatime we ended up at the Happy Herb Pizza restaurant ordering ourselves a couple of extra ‘herby’ style of pizzas. We were like a couple of naughty schoolboys when we ordered as we expected at any moment to be ‘rumbled by the fuzz’, which for those not entirely sure of English colloquialisms means to be caught by the police! The pizza was really very tasty and whether it actually had a sprinkling of the magic pixie dust or not we definitely had the giggles by the time we had finished eating.

So, whilst having a couple of beers at the restaurant and watching the crowds go by we were once again accosted by the street urchins selling their trinkets. The effects of the pizza upon us, we managed to ‘giggle them’ away this time, an approach I am not sure they had actually come across before, so off into the dark they went looking somewhat befuddled and confused.

This was not to be the last we saw of the little blighters though as after a bit of staggering about, we later ended up in an “authentic English” bar having a quiet game of pool when in they came, two of the younger Oliver Twistalikes. We did the only thing we could do in these circumstance, we took them on at pool and although it was a bit of a one sided affair we did not manage to loose by too many games – lol.

After the evening’s entertainment we staggered back to the hotel both of us feeling quite a wee bit worse for wear and relaxed at the hotel on their really laid back comfy seats – the only way you could sit on them was in the prone position. So we just lolled back and laid there slightly unconscious until our bodies took over and walked us off to our rooms.


Down to thirty pizzas a day my wife considers quitting the habit!


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