Jurassic last day in Hanoi before taking a ‘Sleeper’ Bus to Phong Nha – Day 148 – 15 June

We treat ourselves to a bit of a lay in today as tonight we were expecting to get very little sleep as we would be taking the ‘sleeper’ bus from Hanoi to Phong Nha and thus far had heard lots of rumours about just how very little sleep you would actually get on one of these things! Phong Nha was not originally on my list places to go in Vietnam but the place sounded good having some of the World’s largest cave systems to investigate so it found its way onto our itinerary.

Today though we had set our sights on simply kicking back and taking things easy. With that in mind we had looked into trying to go to the cinema once more and although it had been invisible to us a couple of days ago – there was an actual cinema at the very Viacom mall we had visited – all we had to do now was find the bloody thing. So off we went to the mall by another one of the Green taxis. This time we had more luck although it still did take a bit of locating, signposted right in front of our eyes pointing us to the very top of the building – there were some other clues outside as well.


The cinema is over there you fools!

Although there were other films on and some in Vietnamese – the one we picked was the latest Jurassic Park offering – Jurassic World – in 3D. Okay it was not exactly the cerebral challenge that we normally engage in when we go to the cinema (you what?) but it was a ‘take your brain out, sit back and take in the action and effects’ movie and that was just about our limit today. If you have not seen it I do not think I can spoil it by giving you a brief synopsis. Dinosaurs caged in seemingly inescapable confines break free causing much raucous even killing the odd person, hero pops in and not only rescues damsel in distress but also her charges and then dino is defeated with the aid of another dinosaur. The effects are the usual top class stuff if the acting seems a little wooden but it was a thoroughly enjoyable if somewhat predictable movie and I for one enjoyed it. Not sure how many they have done now but let’s just hold it there shall we lads, we have squeezed all we can out of this particular plot line.


Every city needs an archway

We walked the long way back to our hotel taking in the sights and sounds of Hanoi – a place I really have enjoyed being. We also popped back to Blah Blah our nice eatery around the corner and for the last time had a very nice spot of noodley goodness there. Hopefully the long walk which wearied us enormously will do the trick later and help us fall off to sleep.


Ly Thai To – great man and part-time skateboarder – guy below has dropped by for inspiration on his moves!

Our guide came to help us get to the bus, however whilst boarding the bus we nearly got run over in the somewhat frenzied attempt to keep up with our ‘guide’ who we assumed was supposed to be helping us get onto our transport as opposed to losing us under the wheels of other vehicles. The reclined ‘sleeper’s  eats were possibly very nice for Vietnamese people to lay out on and relax on however for us Western types and me and Liz are by no means very tall people – it was all bit confined and felt like we were being tortured slowly, very very slowly. It was hard work getting to sleep and all I really remember from the journey are the lights of other passing traffic and how bumpy the road seemed to be – this was probably being done on purpose to help rock us to sleep!


Argh this journey is killing me – we cannot remove these silly grins from our faces either!



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