Operations and picnics! – Day 136 – 3 June

We were up reasonably early today as we had to be at the hospital for Liz’s operation. The hospital was just outside of the main town centre and a quick trike ride soon got us there. Although it appeared that some building work was going on in the place, it looked clean and tidy enough – although I did notice that two car seats were being used for admissions! Our doctor greeted us and took us into a side office and explained the procedure first before re-examining Liz’s back and then taking us upstairs. He then seemed to disappear for quite a while before he came back and we got started. To be fair Liz was in the operating theatre for only a matter of minutes before they both came out – job done. She seemed well enough and the doctor explained that everything had gone even better than he had expected so all was good there then. The wound was already dressed and we paid all outstanding monies, which was not as bad as we thought it would be and, after paying the excess, would not even be worth claiming for off our insurance – even if we did include the doctor’s under-the-counter payment!


My very brave Chicky! I fainted soon after taking this pic!

Once we got back into town we then picked up some food to go and have a picnic with. It was definitely not fine dining as it was all supermarket stuff but it would do us and the picnic area we were aiming for we thought would be high enough for a bit of a view of Vigan. Mila park, when we got there, was quite different from a lot of the parks we had visited thus far on our trip in that it had the strangest looking concrete menagerie. To be fair it did have loads of other stuff for kids too including a pool and some all weather surface stuff but my eye kept being drawn back to these animals with odd features which were just a wee bit strange. There was also a massive water tower in the centre of the park surrounded by the picnic tables (also concrete), something else I was not expecting either, very avant garde. The picnic itself was a bit lame and we were having trouble keeping it from getting blown away as the wind was quite gusty but it was all very civilised and filling and the view well was just the view!


A doped up mother chimp taking baby for a walk?

Dinner over we plodded back to our hotel after first quizzing the local bus company about our chances of getting to Banaue (home of the Rice Terraces) in a single day (tomorrow). Even after translation, this did not seem the easiest thing to do by any means but we noted the earliest bus time to get us to a possible changeover and determined to get there tomorrow even though it would mean a very early start. Enquiries made, we went back to the hotel for a siesta before we ventured back out on the night-time.


Our hotel – very nice

The night gave us yet another of those amazing coincidences we had already experienced on our travels. We went near to the town centre to eat at a popular Japanese place in-between some quite heavy rain showers, when who should wander past our table but the young lads we had met on the island of Palawan when we did the Underground River trip there. Okay I know this was still the same country but Vigan is still a good deal removed from Palawan by any stretch of the imagination – the World is truly a very small place after all. The meal itself, especially the Salmon Maki was delicious which capped off the night’s extraordinary events. After eating we ventured into the main square once again but the Dancing Fountains had finished working their magic tonight so we stopped at the other end of the square and asked passers-by to take a photo of us by the town’s name.


And to the tune of YMCA … Liz and Pat started singing VIGAN … or possibly to D.I.S.C.O …


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