Locked in but out in time to say Goodbye to Coron – Day 133 – 31 May

The day started off a wee bit trickily as I managed to get myself locked into our room’s bathroom, do not ask me how I did this, one minute the lock just seemed a wee bit iffy and loose, the next I just could not get out at all and the door handle fell off. All I had in the room with me was a small towel so I had to wait whilst Liz got the hotel’s ‘handyman’ who proceeded to take the entire lock off the door before being able to let me out – how very embarrassing!

We were to be checking out the hotel and leaving Coron today to be boarding the overnight ferry that would take us back to Manila. Our next tour of the Philippines would be of Luzon and the country north of Manila. We had enjoyed everything we had done so far in the Philippines and been blessed with reasonable weather but now we kept hearing rumours about recent bad weather for the north (gulp).

We booked out of the hotel ‘room’ – well by the time we had finished we had managed to try out three of the rooms in the hotel. Funnily enough it appeared that the manager upon booking us out seemed to undercharge us for two breakfasts we had eaten during our stay. We were unsure as to why he had done this but we decided not to raise it as we had been messed around so much moving from room to room. It was only a small amount but as we had found, small amounts in the Philippines can often buy large beers – in fact I think it is a saying over here.


The place where our ferry should have been!

We flagged down a tuk tuk and off we went to the ferry terminal. Surprise, surprise the day was yet another dry scorcher and the ride another bumpy one but we arrived there in (just about) one piece, which was strange because us and our luggage started off as four very different pieces so the ride must have jumbled us all together!! We had purchased shared cabin tickets already bought and paid for so we checked in and waited around the terminal for quite a good while. The boat was going to be a full one judging by the numbers of people in the terminal. We had been waiting there for quite a while when who should turn up but the hotel manager who, realising his mistake wanted his money – curses!


The boat arrived and it seemed to take an age before we could board it and when we did it seemed that most of Coron was aboard and milling around on the decks. We stayed up top for a while as the boat set off and whilst up there the sunset was the very best a real send off for us, mean and moody but also most excellent in its own way – a Goodbye from Coron. We then went for a wander about the place but when we went back to it, in our room there were another couple of people to be sharing it with us, an older guy who seemed to have lost the people he was travelling with and a younger guy who seemed quite a cool dude but more of him tomorrow.


The start of the journey was quite cool, our ‘roomies’ okay enough but the food at the restaurant was yet again another okay portion of nothingness served with a helping of white rice – argh I am still suffering from white rice ‘blindness’ an actual condition similar to snow blindness whereby seeing portion upon portion of white rice every day makes the victim feel rage every time they see a portion of the damned stuff!!!


Goodbye Coron

The trip was an easy enough one though and the bunk beds we were in were comfortable enough and our travelling companions easy to get along with as they hardly spoke – so the shared cabin was definitely a very nice way to pay less for your travel!


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