Bad start but a good Sunset end with good friends – Day 132 – 30 May

After giving it a lot of thought over the past couple of days we had decided to spend today taking a trip to a magical place in Coron called Kingfisher Park. I like Kingfishers and the blurb on the place said that there was all manner of activities to be experienced there – hiking, kayaking, the works – so this is what we wanted folks. We got up early enough, dressed and ate hurriedly in our excitement so we could then get ourselves some transportation to the park.

Our hotel manager flagged us down a tuk tuk and we negotiated a deal with the driver which was not too bad financially for both parties lol. Getting to the park however was truly an ordeal of the most discomforting order, apart from the condition of the road our driver just kept speeding up and then slowing down for no apparent reason which sometimes would border on lurching the trike back and forth. Now after a very short while this tested both the patience and our necks so we quizzed him about why he adopted this particular driving style, his answer made no sense whatsoever and this made no difference to his driving style but he did stop somewhere for oil which lubricated his driving somewhat but this was still not the best on our backs.

We reached the park finally which we got to via a dirt track road and all in all it seemed quite tired, very unlike the blurb and, more importantly, very empty. There was just one guy present who looked more like an out-of-work South American dictator than a Filipino theme park host. He lay smoking away in his hammock so our driver spoke to him, he made a phone call and …. nothing. the park was shut for renovations, which must have been being done with great stealth, so much so that we could not tell that it was being done, and we had to leave and take the long bumpy, jerky journey back.

The driver was none too happy when we got back as we paid him only a proportion of the agreed payment but although we had been gone for a good while it was not the full day we had paid for. When back we were very tired and somewhat achey after the trip to nowhere so in no mood to discuss the matter further so we simply walked away from him. Unsure of what our next move would be we simply followed our bodies and that was how we found ourselves at a small massage parlour not too far from the hotel. The place was part time hairdresser, part time masseur, part time who knows but the massage given was easy on both the pocket and the aching body parts. There was no miraculous cure but also we felt no worse and we had had a lay down – result!

We sent texts to Jake and Suanne to see if they fancied meeting later which they were up for and we arranged to meet later on at the local viewpoint – Mount Tapyas. Getting up there was a whole new world of hurt. The climb up the stairs was a killer, an absolute killer, especially as the diving, today’s trip and the massage had all taken their toll. Whilst we were finding it hard most of the locals were finding it much less so.


My wife making like a cross or drying her armpits – who knows!!!!

A good number were running up and down the steps, it seemed that sunset was the time to do this. There were all ages and although it was good to watch the joggers we had neither the inclination nor the body to join in so we left them to their own devices. On the way we saw Jin, who like the locals was running up the steps with apparent ease.


The islands round Coron – whoever made this place sure knew a good setting for a Sunset

At the summit we saw our friends and greeted them then we had a quick walk round the top of the mount before the Sun set. Once again the Sunset did not disappoint, there were a few clouds and this made it even more magical and seeing the ‘tiny’ islands in the bay gave it a sense of perspective and just how wee we are in it all. The trudge up was followed by the trudge down, which was a killer on the knees once again – but finally we made terra firma.


There were more people in the restaurant honest!

We went for a meal with Jake and Suanne to the place we had found before and it was really nice. Jake had been a dairy farmer who had been bought out and they now had enough money to do a spot of travelling but the dairy business itself sounded quite cutthroat so he was probably better off out of it. Suanne as we had found yesterday diving was part fish as she seemed to be able to stay under the water for hours using very little air. Back home she worked casual so she was able to quit her job relatively easily so here they were. It was great meeting English speaking people with whom you could have such a great laugh, as their sense of humour was very like our own, especially when lubricated with a little alcohol. When we parted they asked to keep in touch and we swapped Facebook details etc., and said that in Oz we must look them up. They live near Adelaide though so I am not so sure how easy this will be to do but who knows eh – watch this space!


Nighttime up the mountain!!!


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