Lets get Hot, Hot Hot, (and Springy) – Day 129 – 27 May

Well I must admit to it being a bit of a late start for us this morning possibly due to the voyage over from El Nido yesterday. This was even more unusual due to the morning sounds being absent of any crowing roosters – ‘Wot No Roosters, thought I?’ We went up to the breakfast terrace in the guesthouse and the view was lovely apart from the small fact that the next door neighbours were having building work done so scaffolding was the order of the day there. It made no difference to us on our table looking away from the scaffold and out to the Sea – result. The breakfast itself was okay if nothing great to write home about so I shall not waste putting pen to paper about it but then I am not really a breakfast eating person anyhow.

We had decided to take a bit of time today to find out more about diving in the area, in particular after the relative success of diving the King Cruiser wreck in Thailand, we now fancied diving the Japanese wrecks from WW2 that were close to Coron. We discussed tactics over our meagre rations whilst admiring the scenery but it all seemed simple enough as most of the dive shops were down the main drag. We also wanted to find out what else we could do on the island as well so wanted to check out the possible tours.

We had decided to take a bit of time out today to find out more about the diving in Coron, in particular after the relative success of the King Cruiser wreck dive in Thailand, we fancied diving the Japanese wrecks from WW2 which surround Coron. We discussed tactics over breakfast whilst taking in the scenery but it all seemed simple enough to me as most of the dive shops were down the main drag. We also wanted to find out what else there was to do on the island so were going to check out any possible tours there were of other parts of the island.


The heat of the springs and the gossip was intense!

The main street was just a short stone’s throw away downhill from the hotel so we soon walked along to it. The day was hot but it still looked cloudy and every now and again we would be hit by a few raindrops to cool us as as we hot-footed it along, this did not dampen our spirits though the dive shops did take their toll. It seems that every other shop on the main street is a dive shop so we had plenty of room for scope but there are also a huge number of wrecks to choose from and other types of diving to be had as well, so plenty for all abilities. Liz seemed well up for the wreck diving so all was good there too. Each of the different dive shops reckoned they were the best in town and for our part we had read lots of reviews but in the end we decided to go with one which we had a bit more information about, it was also one of the bigger shops in town though that is not always a good recommendation in itself. Finding information out about day trips in the area proved much more difficult as most depended on a minimum number of people, of which two was not enough, so we were told it may be better for us to hire a tuk tuk and go ‘off piste’ as it were.

By the time we had arranged the scuba and stopped for a bite to eat we still had half a day to go so we decided to phone our friend who had brought us from the ferry to our hotel and see if he could take us to the local hot spring called Manquit Hot Springs. Surprise, surprise he had a spare moment and he soon zipped over to take us on our way.


Manquit Hot (Hot, Hot) Springs

Manquit Hot Springs took a while to get to and some of the way was past some of what I assume are the poorer citizens of Coron but even here the children were still doing an awful lot of smiling and waving and ‘helloing’ and that is always a joy for the heart. The spring itself only had a few people there and whilst some of these were tourists, most were locals and the place seemed to be the local gossip ‘pot’ as it were. The springs were definitely hot and steamy although one or two of the reviews I had researched had complained about the green algae in the springs it did not really bother me and Liz as the heat was far more harrowing. By the time we got in the pool it was late afternoon and I had to keep getting out just to cool down albeit slightly. I would lower myself in, stay in for just a few seconds then need to get out again – the springs were hotter than I have my baths at home!


Liz enjoying the hot springs, Me taking to it like a fish in hot water!!!

By this time our lift was getting impatient and I was at the limit of what I could stand heat wise so we decided to get out and moving so that we could get out for something to eat. We needed a shower before we could even think of going out though because of the green algae. The meal, when we found the restaurant was not bad a place, it had been recommended to us by the owner of the hairdressers the night before. However, we did not really have the hang of it and there were loads of locals there and the food was really nice but I still had the feeling we were missing out so on the way back to the hotel we stopped off for drinks, as you do!


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