Across the Island of Palawan to El Nido – Day 125 – 23 May

Today we would be travelling to the North East tip of the island of Palawan to get to our next destination a place called El Nido. This was quite long journey by mini bus but it was by no means the hardest trip we have had so we settled back and let the landscape role past us. Early on we even had a chance to look over at a more sedate pace, the scenery that our Grand Theft Auto driver from yesterday had sped through.

On the bus we got talking to a young American guy called Eric we had been sat next to on the bus as he was going to El Nido as well. It turned out that he was doing one of the more expensive trips though on one of the island hopping tours over a number of days. We would be staying at El Nido for a couple of days and then, hopefully then getting the ferry over to Coron. The way over to El Nido was quite winding but really nice and I knew at the end at some point the road must be quite rough as it at all seemed to get a bit vague on Google map. Along the way we stopped at a place called Roxas here the kids were playing in the Sea just jumping in and generally messing about – simple things but really cool. Not all children it seems need a phone or computer of some sort to survive.


I told you I am sure I dropped my IPhone here somewhere, I MUST find it, I MUST!

After a bit of dirt track riding, due to the road improvements being made, we finally reached El Nido and it did not seem quite what we had pictured, although it was by a huge rock. However, it turned out the bus station, where we had been dropped off, was not really where the action was or where we were staying. After a bit of negotiation we finally managed to get a tuk tuk guy to understand the street for our guesthouse was and off we went. It was not far away, really only on the other side of the big rock.


The Rock of El Nido – much higher in real life!

Our ‘hotel’ we were staying at was, it seemed, a project in the making. It was not that it needed completely revamping, more just a bit of finishing off. Our room was comfortable enough though so we soon made ourselves at home and out we went. The rock, now that we could examine it better was a huge thing and shadowed our hotel it was quite a thought that we would be sleeping ‘under the rock’ as it were. On our way into the centre of town we came across Jessie and his girlfriend, a couple we had met at All Hands. He was in a bad way as he had chipped a bone in his arm but they gave us some recommendations about the island hopping tour so we went off to get that booked for tomorrow at the Art Cafe.

The Art Cafe was situated along the main drag so once we were booked up we took a wander down the street to pick somewhere to eat. Most of the eateries sold fresh fish dishes and some had music going on so we went for one with both. We ended each up going for a curry – Liz had Fish whilst I had the Chicken – both of which tasted really nice at the time. Later on though when we were back at the guesthouse I woke up and had a nasty case of diarrhoea, and at that moment I was not so sure that booking a trip for tomorrow was the best thing for me but we will have to see how I get on!


2 responses to “Across the Island of Palawan to El Nido – Day 125 – 23 May

    • I am soon to be writing about it but after El Nido we went to Coron and that too is a lovely island but it is larger so not everything is easily accessible. Also if you go to Coron the boat takes a long while so take something soft to rest on. El Nido and the Island hopping there was better than Honda Bay Island Hopping.

      Do you Scuba Dive as you can dive the Japanese wrecks at Coron but sometimes the visibility is quite poor but it is interesting?

      Best Regards,
      Pat and Liz


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