Poor, poor chicks and Day of Rest (Thanks to Oceanjet!) – Day 120 – 18 May

Today, thanks to Oceanjet and a cock-up over our trip to Siquor Island, we had a day of rest in the city of Dumaguete so we had a good lay in to start with. I think this was what we had been needing for quite a while now. The All Hands experience had been a great privilege and we really enjoyed it but the work had taken its toll on our bodies and the sleeping conditions on our state of rest, so today’s lay in was a most welcome break. We had felt exhausted since leaving All Hands but travelling can, if you let it, become almost an automatic reaction and first off we felt that we needed to get back into the swing of it as quickly as possible. Now we had our travelling mojo back so a little recovery time was what was needed.

After waking up we grabbed a cup of tea and sat in an outside area but under a porch. Two (Chinese sounding) kids then came in with two little chicks which we had seen earlier about the place in a box nice and content. The kids then proceeded to torture the poor things, not exactly torture but they played with them as only Asian children know how and that is without feeling or regard for the animal in question. Animals are to be eaten or used for work and even pets seem to have a role to play, not like in England where to ‘work’ of a pet simply being a pet is taken very seriously. This went on for quite a while whilst we tried to help them at least play gently with the animals ut this was not meant to be – see tomorrow’s update for more on the chicks.


Kids and chicks do NOT mix well!

Not being able to stand to see any more cruelty to the chicks we went out for a wander about this did not amount to a great deal as although Dumaguete has some things to see the day itself was very hot indeed and sapped us of what little strength we had so we did what we do best in these circumstances and had a bite to eat whilst people watching. Old guys with younger gals mainly but other people too going about their daily business. We decided to go and have another kip before coming out on the night time and live it up a little with some seafood but before home we booked our trip across to Cebu City the ferry all booked in good time – or so we thought.

After our little ‘refresher’ we walked down the dimly lit streets to the seafront but this time to treat ourselves to some fishy dishes at one of the many restaurants offering fresh seafood. Whilst we ate a guy simply called ‘Alan’ and his backing group entertained us with warblings in the style of the Carpenters and other such slushy tunes but it was good food so the music was not a hindrance on our appetites. Goodbye Dumaguete next time we come back we SHALL see Siquor!


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