First Day in Dumaguete – Day 117 – 15 May

We had to be up and at ‘em early today as we needed to get to Tagbilaran ferry terminal in time to catch the ferry to get us to Dumaguete so we grabbed a tuk tuk and were driven there at the speed of … well a tuk tuk of course. Our driver new his way though and we were soon there … at some kind of building site. It appears the ferry terminal was undergoing a lot of renovation so the terminal was part building and part tent! This did not stop the efficiency of the place though and our, as expected ferry was slightly late getting into port and slightly later getting out – hoorah.

This was no problem though as the crossing was not to be too long just enough for rigour to set into our bums once again. We soon arrived at Dumaguete ferry terminal though – which looked as if it could do with some running repairs too – and made it outside the port gates only to be jumped upon by various tuk tuk drivers quoting various ridiculous prices. We voted with our feet and started moving away as fast as our heavy backpacks would allow – so one driver quoted us what seemed to be a more realistic price for the trip and off we went. We only hoped that our drop was a bit further than round the block!


A statue at Dumaguete to celebrate the 1,000th screening of Sister Act! Apparently they love the film here!

We were not to worry as our journey was a good one as we (and our tuk tuk driver) could not find our hotel, we found our street and we even found what seemed to be a school where our hotel should have been but not our actual hotel – our driver drove up and down a couple of times but to no avail. We eventually rang the hotel and it seemed the school was also a hotel – strange combination thought I but there you have it. So five minutes later we were ensconced within our room looking at sawdust coming from a table in the room. Fearing woodworm, I asked that the table be changed which they did.


The front at Dumaguete – very nice and chilled

After a brief rest we got out and about and went to one of the dive shops in the town centre to get our diving booked for Apo Island – which is supposed to be a really good dive spot so we were hoping to see lots of new stuff on our latest dive excursion. Our mission accomplished we went for a spot of lunch on the seafront whist watching the world go by at a restaurant called ‘The Casablanca’. Dumaguete looked quite a nice place beside the ferry terminal area along seafront that the locals meander on foot or drive along  in their ‘pose-mobiles’ and it was good just to sit back and chill. However, we had to get back early to our hotel though as the diving started early tomorrow morning – no rest for us wicked.


Beware of Tuk Tuk drivers like sharks of the road!


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