A Long Journey to the Chocolatey Hills of Bohol – Day 115 – 13 May

Four am it was when we awoke and then we had to be off and running. At this time in the morning it was more like night and it took a good while before a Tuk/Cyclo thingy approached and then after some haggling, we hopped aboard all three of us and all three backpacks and off we ‘sped’. Transported to the minivan terminal we then had to wait a while before we where off and running so sleepily we started and this was the vibe for the entire trip to Bohol.


All aboard the Skylark – our boat was actually a bit bigger than this honest and had wall to wall chickens.

We made the ferry terminal at Ubay none too much the worse for wear but the ferry crossing took its toll the ferry was a decent enough size of boat and there was very little movement on the sea but the seats were rock hard and my bum had had enough so for long periods simply dozed a fitful sleep. The journey being two hours ensured my bum was reasonably well rested on the other side. We had not had chance to eat properly first thing so we were on snack rations – crisps and the like – which we had soon consumed on the ferry. But this was no way to keep our small band happy we needed something bit more substantial so first thing we did when we reached the island of Bohol was hunt down a cafe.

The cafe we found was not the most salubrious in town (or maybe it was!) but we could have eaten a scabby donkey – which although we did not order it probably was somewhere on the menu. I ordered chicken which does not come a la KFC back home they simply take the whole chicken cut it, bread it and deep fry it and you get everything whether you can stomach it or not. We are a very lucky country (in the UK) I think in that we seem to have always been rich enough not to have to eat every part of every animal – it certainly makes you wonder. The staff were friendly enough though and pointed us in the right direction to grab the Jeepney which would take us to the bus. It never ceases to amaze me how small journeys in places like Indonesia and the Philippines really do take the longest of times, I had never included this in my calculations!

For me and Liz and perhaps Edwin too, it was taking us a while to get back into the swing of travelling and now that we had left All Hands we started to feel a tiredness deep down inside. Travelling itself brings no respite but once we got off the Jeepney and onto the bus to Carmen, the scenery did its best to revive us. The Chocolate Hills are not everywhere in Bohol but the island itself looked nice enough even if they were not on the jumping out at us en route.


One of our many busses!

We reached Carmen home of the Chocolate Hills and were dropped off straight outside the park entrance. Edwin was keen to have a look so we said our goodbyes and left him to it – we decided that we would look them over at a far more leisurely pace tomorrow. So we got a couple of motorbike taxis to take us to a hotel – which they duly did. The hotel was okay for it had a bed to crash on and the food on the night, although it took a good while to be served was excellent. The motorbike taxi guys had left us their mobile number if we wanted a tour of the Chocolate Hills and this is what we decided we would do tomorrow.


The view from our hotel room those Hills made of Chocolate are out there somewhere!



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