Day of Rest at the Robinsons Mall – Day 112 – 10 May

It took a while to get started this morning as although we did not feel hungover we were still a bit woozy after last night’s shenanigans. When we were fully charged though we decided to go to the Robinsons mall to grab a bite to eat and, if possible, take in a film. We hailed down a Jeepney that seemed to be going in the right direction and off we went. It is always quite strange for the odd local or two when you get into their particular modes of transport, this was their bus if you like and here we were hitching ride almost like we should not be using their public transport but who cares!

We reached the mall and first off we needed some food so upstairs to the foodcourt we went and had quite a nice meal – I was by this time getting bit rice blind again. ‘Rice Blindness’ is whereby you cannot take eating white rice any more.


Rice in rice throwing container – On your marks set, throw!

This seemed to cause me more pain in the Philippines than anywhere else because the main dishes accompanying the rice were not always so great. The condition actually made me hate rice for a while and to add insult to injury they always serve it in the upside down bowl shape (a dome?) which is just the right size and shape for throwing and boy sometimes did I feel like throwing it at those serving me. Anyhow rant over about rice – for now anyhow.

Next off to watch a movie – we watched a film called ‘Big Game’ – I had to look up the blurb about the film in order to update you here, but Samuel L Jackson was the president and a Finnish lad played a Finnish lad going out to kill a stag with a crossbow and he saves said Mr Jackson whilst fending off baddies in the meantime using a penknife – brilliant film. In my notes I have put down that it was a bit of a kid’s film but ’take your brain out’ stuff – so ideal for us two pair of fools!


Finnish lad saves President Jackson – Hoozah! Big Plane is in this film too!!

After the film we were homeward bound (after a few diversions brought about by our driver not being able to understand the Queen’s English) and at the mall we had bought enough provisions to make the teatime as bearable as we could – possibly more bearable than some of the actual All Hands meals had been.


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