Testosterone from the Boys and Muriel is finally found but very drunk – Day 111 – 9 May

As mentioned earlier at All Hands unless it is the last weekend in a month Saturdays are part of the usual working week – so for today I had signed up for more gladiatorial duties. Muriel was working with me so we had a bit of a laugh misunderstanding each other and generally laughing at how we could not understand each other – oh zees Frenchies!


From the Left – Me, Bert, Muriel (before she was really drunk), Liz (crouching), Not Sure and finally Patrick from Ireland

Today according to the plan we had a lot to do which was a big ask as it seemed even hotter today than it had been on the past few days. The combination of there being an extraordinary amount of work to be and the hot weather seemed to bring out the worst in the young lads on the crew and they kept challenging each other but in particular Carl to carry more and more bags of gravel or sand. This started off okay but as the day wore on I was not sure whether or not the challenges would break Carl. He kept going though taking on all they threw at him. For me the day was simple enough, I would do whatever I could do and would drink lots of water (and some energy drinks) along the way. I am not too bad with a shovel so could fill the bags quite quickly and if others wanted to carry a shedload at a time then let them – there was no way I was going to be feeling badly again, especially as we nearing the end of our ‘tour of duty’.


Adam and myself engaging in some ‘Rigorous Dancing’ – he told me that’s what we were doing anyhow!

At night rather than eating more of the food at the base – as this did have a certain monotony about it – we treat ourselves and went out for a steak at a restaurant that had been recommended to us. We ordered well and the meal was okay, we had both ordered steak in creamy sauce – and although they were supposed to be two separates sauces they both seemed to taste the same. However, the All Hands rations had taken their toll and nice though it was we could not actually eat all the food on our plates due to our shrunken stomachs so we had to leave some. After this we went off to a place called Kyles in order to say Goodbye to the boys from Brazil – Bert and Marcel – and also Nadine all of whom are to be travelling to Palawan at some point so who knows we may meet up sometime. All three leavers were people we had got to know quite well over a very short amount of time and all three were top people. Marcel I have not mentioned before was Bert’s side kick but he also kept Bert in check I think as Bert came from a rich family but Marcel was a good person in his own right and good to have a laugh with too. Tonight, though was to see them off and we turned up and had a bit of a dance and not a little beer and Emile came over and got talking to me. He is a good lad from Scandinavia and he was telling me his dreams for the future and applauding me and Liz for doing what we were doing. Everyone seems to think that what we are doing is awesome but I am more pleased that they do what they do.


Me and Emile – Top Bloke

After some rigorous dancing we began to notice that one of our number was missing – Muriel. So me and Liz went looking for her as did Sophie who eventually found her but she was in a right state. Not vomiting straight off but very very drunk – in a French kind of way too (ooh La La). We managed to all   get her outside and then Leon, the Columbian decided to take it upon himself to ensure she got home and before the curfew. He ended up snubbing most everyone else who knew Muriel in order to take charge – must be more testosterone I think. So, at this point, me and Liz flagged down another cyclo and got ourselves back before the dreaded curfew ourselves.


Me using Liz’s ‘Assets’ to flag down a Cyclo – never fails to work although I do not always get a lift!



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