Workshop Morning – Home Afternoon – Day 108 – 6 May

This was the worst day for me with respect to me feeling poorly but rather than asking for the day off I wanted to soldier on so I asked if I could be put in the workshop with Mikey, thinking that if I could just stay out of the Sun for a good while and not over-exert then I maybe in with a chance so getting over the fever I was feeling.

It turned out though that Mikey was actually working in the second workshop All Hands has and he explained to me that this workshop although covered and shaded, actually would get very hot during the course of the day but I said I would give it a shot and off we went. The work we were doing was quite humdrum after the fast and frenzied work we had been doing out on the sites, less physical more cerebral. We simply were measuring and drilling the steel brackets and steel straps that held the rebar in position. It took both of us for holding and guiding the drill bits as the machine was very old and missing a few parts but it was not a bad job and Mikey (a Canadian) was a good bloke to chat to, quite a thoughtful kind of guy and methodical too. He was an engineer in a previous life so the work All Hands gave him really played to his strengths and I felt he was simply an all round nice guy.


“I am ready tmeet my Maker. Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter.” Winston Churchill

As the morning wore on though and we used the lathe and the upright drill and it got hotter outside, the heat in the building increased as did my amount of sweating. Whilst this was happening the sound of the equipment and the sound of Mikey’s voice seemed to be melding into a monotonous background blurb – so I knew I was not right. I went out to get some drinks both water and the energy giving Cobra and came back a bit revived but by dinnertime the amount of sweat coming out from my body was at a rate greater than I could put fluids back in, so I asked to be excused for the afternoon and went back to the base.

Back at base I simply put on as much clothing as I could stand and then jumped up into my bunk, I felt I must sweat it out and sweat it out I did, so much so that I almost drowned. I stayed in bed all the rest of the day and all the rest of the night too. It was one of those where all I remember was the intense heat and feeling really sweaty all of the time. Needless to say the other half our our deadly duo (aka ‘The Missus’) was by now feeling better and completed a full day’s shift with her crew.


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