Padre Burgos Weekend Away – Hooray – Day 104 – 2 May

We awoke in our very nice room ready to greet the day. All the rooms Ruth had booked for us were but twelve feet away from the sea and the early morning view there was fantastic and made even more complete by the bright sunshine. Padre Burgos we were soon to find out, was a sleepy little burgh which offered the chance to do some snorkelling and for the more adventurous (and rich) of us, to do a bit of diving but even better than all this was the chance for some serious rest and relaxation. Me and Liz ummed and ahhhed about the diving but we had no idea of the chances of seeing anything worthwhile as the place was not known to us as a diving hotspot so we decided on this occasion not to indulge.


Were busy doing nothing fa la la la la la la la trying to find lots of things not to do … and we did Hoorah!

This day was made for some serious doing of nothing so this is what we did. The most strenuous job being to get off our backsides for the odd dip into the sea to cool down or to do a bit of snorkelling – terribly hard work eh? The snorkelling was quite good actually, no real current to speak of and some very nice corals and fish. I saw a decent sized Moray eel and a turtle which I followed for quite a bit of a distance until it got bored – really great creatures to watch.

One of the guys, called Manuel from either Austria or Switzerland, not only was an all round good guy and a Divemaster to boot but he had also brought his guitar along and he had a good voice too, so every now and then he would strike up with a song during the day. A really good relaxing time was being had by all. Me and Liz were both so chilled we ended up going for a kip on our luxurious bed in the afternoon. This was just what the doctor ordered, however Liz by this time was not feeling too great so perhaps we should have asked for this so-called doctor’s opinion on her health.


Man in a boat pic – entitled ‘Man in a boat!’ Just after this photo was taken the man hit the eject button and flew up forty feet into the air but this is far more tranquil.

We slept in a bit longer than we should have but I awoke before Liz so left her to sleep in a little while longer. I again went for a bit of a snorkel and relaxed by the sea watching the Filipino kids further along the beach who appeared to be trying to drown each other – kids eh! It was just a really amazing place being so tranquil and all and being able to have some quality time with some of the people from All Hands was a real good craic. Everyone liked to chat a bit but everyone was totally chilled out as well so none of the discussions were too taxing on the braincells.


The kids must have played out all day in the sea and on the pebbly beach – no computers for them!

Night came, as night does and I woke Liz up as we were all going to go out for something to eat. No-one had a any real idea of where to go and after much debate and discussion we finally went out clueless. Padre Burgos either held a regular disco in their basketball court every Saturday OR it could have been part of the pre-fight celebrations (Paquaio v’s Mayweather) – Liz later told me that it was a Fiesta. There were lots of people about and stalls set up for food and the like. After much wandering about back and forth we settled on a place to eat at. We put our orders in and then proceeded to spend most of the rest of the evening waiting for our food. The food when it arrived was okay but we had all waited far too long and most of us were past eating by this point.

We grabbed a few beers and went back to the hotel – Liz went to bed as she was still not feeling too great, so me, Manuel (our guitarist), Bert (all round good Brazilian guy) and Ruth (our roomy and organiser) stayed up talking nonsense or the best kind of sense depending upon your train of thought about drunken chatter. We put the World to rights with topics ranging from each country’s best dishes to World domination. This was serious stuff folks so even more beer was needed, so at one point we all went out and split up to search the four corners of Padre Burgos in order to get some beer to bring back in order to talk more on a matters of a most serious nature. Once back and chatting Bert even invited me to Brazil to see him and/or his family (if he was not there). His mother cooks the best food in Brazil he told me and I believe him so I would love to go, if only to see him and put this mad old World to rights with him once again. Not really sure what time we finally got to bed but I am sure the world is a much better place for our gibbering.


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