Fast Ferries and disappearing hotels – Day 99 – 27 Apr

The morning saw us up and at them nice and early so we could catch the fast ferry over to Ormoc in Leyte – Leyte being the island where Tacloban is located. The taxi driver our hotel arranged for us was a bit more knowledgable of where the local ferry port was (better than last night’s lame duck) even if he was a little more erratic of driving style. Still, shaken but not stirred, we finally made the ferry terminal and after a very long wait in a very long queue we finally had our grubby mits on our tickets for departure.

The ferry terminal was quite nice and we even had a bite to eat there whilst awaiting our boat. In the terminal there was a band comprised of disabled Filipinos and loads of passengers with all manner of goods – fridges, televisions, coffins, smaller ferries etc etc. you know the kind of everyday luggage things people take on a ferry. When our ferry did arrive it was a smooth enough crossing although I did notice that although our ferry was termed the ‘fast’ ferry there were quite a few ‘faster’ ferries doing the same crossing – if you catch my drift. No wonder the tickets were so cheap – curses!


Ormoc was one of those little dumps with a little charm too so not too bad a place to haul up in for the night. We flagged down a tuk tuk or rather the tuk tuk driver harangued us until we gave in and we settled on a price for a jaunt to the hotel we had booked. He seemed to know where a hotel of a very similar name was (it was even the same hotel chain) although he did say that our hotel address was a little bit strange as it would put it thirty km out of town. Well we drove to the hotel in Ormoc and (hoorah, hoorah) it was not ours, ours was the one 30km away. The Ormoc hotel was full so could not put us up either. It appears that on the booking site (Expedia) the location map and the address did not match up thus causing us our problem. So we then asked our driver to take us to a cheap hotel unfortunately either these had no rooms or were in fact a little ‘too cheap’ for what we were after. We finally opted for one – before our tuck took driver’s patience ran out – which was not so cheap but seemed very nice and the entrance lobby even looked quite upmarket even and here we stayed. We even ate there on the night time as by the time we had finished finding a hotel it was getting a bit late.

We also finally managed to sort out our insurance for the volunteering just about organised so we had an early night as we were preparing ourselves to get busy as our next stop would be All Hands for the next two weeks.


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