Day off from Whale Shark Watching – time to gloat Lol – and back to Legazpi for the festivities – Days 91 & 92 – Apr 19 & 20th

Today we gave ourselves a much needed day off after the exertions of trying to see the Whale Sharks over the past couple of days. I had originally budgeted for three days to see the sharks just in case nothing happened day one or even on day two but the two days we had had were more successful than our wildest dreams so enough was enough. We were definitely not bored of seeing the great creatures we just needed to be a bit thrifty where our budget is concerned. Instead we took a walk down the seafront and simply chilled out at a bar cum restaurant and tried contacting the outside world to let them know of our successes which was a bit of gloating on our part really.


Hi Son, what’s the weather like in Grimsby (Titter, titter)

The only person we had luck talking to was my son, Lee and as well as explaining what we had seen we also showed him the view from the beach which was quite stunning, to which I think we heard him throwing up and funnily enough the internet went down soon after – were the events linked I wonder? In fact the connection appeared to have been severed right the way across Donsol so our gloating could not continue so it was out for a nice meal on the night time and then home to bed – we did not have to be up too early for our trip back to Legazpi but we went anyhow.

The trip back to Legazpi was as good as the trip over to Donsol and it was not long before we were back at Legazpi bus terminal and then by Tuk Tuk on our way to new digs – we could not stay at the place we had stayed before as it was all booked up. Our new accommodation was brilliant though, a brand new building and in an excellent location not too far from the festivities so went for a wander to see what the night might have in store. First off, it appeared that we had missed the Magayon Gay Tournament – now I had no idea what this entailed, was it a contest to determine who was gayest in town and how would that be determined we asked ourselves – 100m mincing, bitchiness, and overall flamboyance? (Incidentally, some of my best friends are gay I must ask them what events they would like to see included). However, another interesting contest on the bill was the chilli eating which we had not missed so we went back and grabbed some shuteye before venturing out once again as this was one I really wanted to see.

When we arrived at the main stage area we just managed to witness the end of the hot chilli eating contest as we had taken longer to get ready than we thought – we saw the whole of the local celebrity chilli eating contest (I did not recognise a soul!) before the final crowning of the King and Queen of Chilli Eating. Now this to me is a far better way of choosing a Royal, none of this ‘being-in-line-to-the-throne’ malarky – give them some Mexican Hallucination Chillies and see who is first up the steps to the throne – the real throne that is and not the toilet!


And the winner and new King of England is Pablo Fernandiz of Legazpi …. well done Pablo!

Next up local breakdancing groups took to the stage, some were not bad at all at getting their groove on – obviously a lot of practice and not a little flexibility involved somewhere along the line methinks, maybe have a go at it myself sometime.


I taught the lads all they knew – Pat speaking at a Legazpi Nursing Home after putting his hip out breakdancing

However, we were now very hungry though so off we went in search of vittels to sustain us along the way passing a huge plastic chilli statue – excellent idea, craptacular in fact – and some of the largest knives I have ever seen on a market stall.


I did not like the look of the new suppositories Liz had ordered me!

My food was nothing special but Liz had an excellent Goat Curry. To be fair on the nearby small outer stages that were ‘throwing up’ live bands these were nothing special either. The best bit happened at one of the disco intermissions, the Bruno Mars track ‘Uptown Funk’ came on and a little Filipino lad (possibly 4 years old) on a table close to ours just got up and started body popping and dancing and doing his ‘thang’ and he really did have the X factor – he was amazing. His Mum simply rolled her eyes and looked at him in a proud yet exasperated look but he was something to be proud of – well done young fella keep it up!


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