By air to Cebu and drinkies with the Dutch – Day 93 – Apr 21

Today was to be our flight from Legazpi to Cebu City and once again the volcano had turned up to see us off so we managed to take a few photos to remind us of the great Mount Mayon. As always though there was always some cloud about though to at least partially cover our target. After a quick snacklet at Legazpi airport we were soon up, up and away though and as the trip was not too long we never really climbed to altitudes that we could not see the ground at and some of the views were lovely.


Now you see it, now you don’t!

I had always pictured Cebu airport (the clue I thought being in the name!) as being on the mainland and part of the city perhaps on its outskirts but I was wrong was actually on the island next to Cebu – Mactan. We were not too sure what to make of Cebu from above but in the taxi from the airport it all became a bit more apparent – it was a bustling city with a lot of traffic and poor areas and more people living on the streets. The taxi ride was one of those where you really do start to wonder what you are going to get charged as we seemed to be in the cab for ages, as ever in the Philippines, there seemed to be lots of roadworks going on. Finally though we reached the hotel and were pleasantly surprised when the fare charged was most reasonable – no need to panic. The hotel had a well lived in look about it, as did me and the missus so all was good the only fly in the ointment being that our room was down in the reception area – so no jumping off the wardrobes when we were making out there then … (as if) lol.

We had been in contact with the disaster relief worker we had met at Donsol about the volunteering and she gave us a couple of contacts, one of which seemed suitable so we contacted them to see what they could offer and started looking into changing our insurance to include voluntary building work as this seemed to be the crux of what they did..

For eats we popped to the street corner to a little eat-all-you-can banquet place recommended by the Lonely Planet but there was no-one in besides ourselves. The food was not greatly hot but there was plenty of it so we ate as much as our stomachs could stand and then decided to go for a couple of beers to finish us off. We hoped the LP’s recommendations for where to drink would turn out to be a bit better than its eatery recommendation.

After a look at a couple of pubs we found one which seemed okay and stopped for a beer after a while three lads appeared to be setting up to have a bit of a sing so we stopped to see what transpired. As it was there was really one main guy and the other two were simply in tow as he was quite good on his own. He played most of the English songs that the Filipinos seem to like and it was all round good entertainment.


I promote a new act – the band dumped me soon after!

We got talking to a couple of guys who were all in the bar who it turns out were Dutch and we had a couple of beers together and quite a good laugh even though Liz told them that she thought they were a gay couple! It transpired that they were an older guy (Ice Cream millionaire) and his son’s mate – suppose it is just the done thing in Holland! We staggered off home after some piccies with the band and had a good night’s sleep – one of the few places with very few cockerels but it more than made up for it by having crowds of  boisterous people and lots of traffic.


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