Legazpi Sights and Legazpi Nights – Day 88 – Apr 16

As we were up reasonably early, even after our very wearisome journey of yesterday, we decided to get up and at em and hit the sights head on. What did this entail, well firstly a Jeepney ride out of the town with the locals which, due to the celebrations taking place, was full of people. There was a great atmosphere about the town but our first port of call was Cagsawa Ruins which was a short way out of Legazpi in the shadow of Mount Mayon – otherwise known as ‘the volcano’. The ruins are of a church and some outer buildings and these were hit when the volcano erupted in 1814. The ruins were quite impressive and quite a number of Filipinos appeared to be using the place as a picnicking area so it had quite a nice vibe about the place too.


The ruins – they now have the protection of the Lord – volcanoes beware!

Once again, although the nearby volcano looked very impressive it was covered in cloud higher up so we could not tell just how much it looked like a picture postcard it was really supposed to be.

A short Jeepney ride soon transported us to stop number two on our Legazpi tour – Lignon Hill. this hill not only gave another great view of the volcano (and its cloud!) but also the airport, town and the bay the town is located in. The hill was a great walk, well great coming down anyhow, it was quite a bit more of a struggle ascending the hill. When I researched the place before we set out on our adventure there appeared to be a lot going on there – ziplines and stuff – but not today. In fact, there was very little going on and when we got there, very few people up at the top of the hill so we stood lookout for a while to ensure none of the major items moved and watched a plane take off and then took the same route down.


A car chase – us in front followed by some shady characters posing for piccies, followed by Lignon Hill!

After our exertions at the hill we needed to cool down and eat so we went back into Legazpi to the shopping mall on the waterfront called Emercados – now this is not one of the top shopping malls to see but it was quite cool. Upon entering there was a huge plastic whale shark and our hope was that this was not all we would see as soon we would be popping across to Donsol to, hopefully, see the real thing.


Liz its behind you!!

In the mall there was not a great deal to do so we ended up sitting in a very poor 4D or 5D movie theatre, where the graphics were not brilliant but even so Liz stilled managed a fair bit of shouting which must have quite surprised the staff of the theatre. We stopped longer for a bite and a beer whilst just watching the world go by and then mossied on home to the digs not before seeing a group of young lads diving into the dock who started showing off for the camera … lol.


Boys will be boys – lazy days in the Sun and no Computers!!!

As we had had a couple of beers it was time to go back and grab a bit of shuteye before the night’s nosing about. It was a good thing we did as there was plenty going on, the month-long festival they were celebrating is Magayon a celebration of Legazpi’s historical past reliving the tragic legend of Daragang Magayon and her suitor Panganoron. Not sure all of the celebrations quite captured the sentiment but one which did was the great big effigies they had made for the final procession. The models were being held in one of the municipal buildings but the crowds, including yours truly, could go and have a look over them. Like the Ogah aguish in Bali some of them were quite gruesome in a cartoony kind of way.


Me posing with gruesome looking thing – I am on the left ….. no right … no!! Separated at birth – and don’t ask me what an ‘Aswang’ is??? Prizes given for the funniest answers!

After this there really was only one way we could join in and that was by sitting in one of the tented restaurants they had set up for the occasion and tucking into some good food and beer whilst watching some okay sounding live music from local bands who simply love their power ballads.


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