Papers in order we bid Manila Goodbye off to see a Volcano – Day 85 – Apr 13

As it was Monday today this was the day we had to get done all of those jobs we had not been able to complete when we were somewhat incapacitated on Saturday morning. We had expected that getting visa extension and setting up a PO Box would take a good half a day and we had dressed appropriately in shirts and trousers causing extreme sweatage to take place – making us look like smart sweaty people, possibly like someone on the run or who was nervous of having to be questioned by immigration officials – great look eh!

The visa however was a breeze and marred only by Liz getting ink on her shirt and us having to hand over so many Pesos. One victory under our belts the Post Office was next in our sights. Here they tried to wear us down, as the PO box department was in the building’s basement and I was sent between there and the upper floors quite a number of times exasperating further my sweaty, man-on-the-run look. The PO box set up to await a new cashcard and a new supply of ‘the pill’ for my good lady it was now all in the hands of the in laws back in England and the postal Gods to ensure delivery to our new PO box.

Job done we went back to the digs, said our goodbyes and then off to the metro to get to the bus station we had searched out previously. This we accomplished quite easily but the bus journey we were to take did take its toll on our tail bones – not for the length of the journey, rather for the hardness of our seats. Upon finally reaching Taygaytay, the town by the volcano, our final stretch had to be completed by Tricycle and its rather large driver.


Liz being ‘tryked’ – she loves a bit of it!

Firstly, at this point this was a new experience for us and as were accompanied by our backpacks, not the most comfortable journey but still good fun until our driver – who must have lost track of his fuel consumption or amount in the tank – nearing the hotel, going up the final hill, ran out of petrol. This did not faze him, he simply jumped off the bike and ran somewhat chubbily up the small incline, ill-fitting trousers doing a less than able job of keeping his bum-crack from our view – argh! He made it back apologising profusely and completed the journey and as we liked the cut of his jib (not his ass), we arranged to let him take us to the volcano tomorrow.

The hotel looked good and the young lady in charge was most helpful and gave us price indications for the same trip. which was about the same so we then asked her to ring our chubby friend back and confirm the time we would be picked up tomorrow. In the short time he had been absent from our lives though vast changes had taken place in his financial situation, perhaps his portfolio had taken a hammering or fuel prices had increased significantly because his price had increased also significantly so I simply told him we would not be using him but would use the hotel instead. I had a funny feeling this would not be the last we would see of our rotund taxi friend.

Transactions completed we went out and about to rustle up some food. In our search we came across the restaurants perched on the edge of the caldera of the volcano and at one of these, although we did not purchase nay foods we did get a good view of the lake containing a couple of islands one of which was to be our goal tomorrow.


Watch out Liz its behind you!!!

We eventually found a place in a little square of new shops – it was a newly opened restaurant and although the food was good I am not sure the waiter’s heart was entirely in the task at hand as he spent a lot of the time watching the basketball on TV.



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