Last Full Day in Bali – Massages, Herons and Curries – Day 66 – 25 Mar

As this was to be our last full day in Bali we were hoping that our driver of the previous day would take us on another trip – he on the other hand did not seem to feel there was enough money in it for him so he cancelled – beware of the new Bali!

So we started the day quite chilled out but in a bit of a quandry as to what to do so we started by visiting the ‘Palace’ which was quite nice until a whole coach, possibly an ocean going liner’s worth of Chinese tourists turned up – damned tourists eh, why should they see stuff …. lol! Next we went to find the local post office so that we could send the kids some more stuff through the post – we keep Immy, Di’s kids and our Goddaughter Emelia posted on our adventure by sending them bits and bobs that we collect along the way – tickets, leaflets, rabies, baby monkeys you know any old tat really!

What to do in Ubud when you are at a loose end – get massaged – obvious really. So off we went to a parlour that had been recommended. It all looked very swish and above board so no offers of extras here to be had … lol! First I had to don a pair of most becoming paper undies just the thing for a night out back in the old town, black too for extra sexiness!


Could I just have a little off the top please and does my bum look big in these?

Then the lady masseur went to work on me – pummelling, kneading and contorting everything she could really – not sure if this actually qualify as a medieval form of torture! Every part of my body had some form of attention paid to it and not all of seemed to be for the better some parts were well and truly beaten but all-in-all it was an experience!

Next came the hunt for the herons, now I was of the opinion that this would be a gentle stroll into the countryside to the village the herons congregate as the sun starts to go down. Liz was of the opinion that this stroll could be a fair bit further than I anticipated, therefore we ended up getting a taxi to the said village, whereupon we were met by a cheery pair of individuals at the village boundary – like a proper pair of country bumpkins or village idiots, but these guys like all village folk, were no mugs and charged accordingly – watching herons being big big business in these here parts. Our new guide (ex-bumpkin) now took us to the two best places to see herons in the village, the first being almost in the middle of a pig sty – do you ever get the feeling someone is filming you for one of those ‘take the mickey’ shows?


Ello we are zee Herons Ello peeps!

The second was in the upper floor of the community centre – perhaps calling it a community centre was a bit rich as the floor we were on had nothing but slightly melted plastic chairs and the ground floor had a table tennis table and surly adults using it! This was a good place to see the arrival of the mighty herons though and they seemed to swoop in from every direction taking residence in every tree surrounding the community hall.


Where on Earth are those bloody herons? she mused as Herons snuck in all around!!!!!

We were told that there were three types of heron but to be fair we only managed to see two so were somewhat miffed at failing getting our heron-spotting badges we left for home, not before a kind heron decided to drop a message on me – lucky eh! It said, ‘watch out I am about to shit on you’!!


Non I am not an ‘Eron you fooooool

The walk back to Ubud and civilisation was quite a bit further than my calculations allowed for but walk it we did whilst the sun set and night drew on … okay a bit of exaggeration here but you get the picture! Our walk had had the desired effect though of making us super hungry and spotting a restaurant selling Beef Redang (and beer without Redang!), we stopped and ordered away and it was delicious and, even better we had thoroughly earned it. We toasted Ubud as we were to be leaving it and Bali tomorrow – was Bali the place we expected, no it has moved on like we would be doing tomorrow, the Balinese have moved on and got somewhat savvy to making money out of tourists so is this just sour grapes on the part of one said tourist? That aside I think we would have liked to see how Bali used to be, that former ‘glory’ has now having probably ‘upped sticks’ and moved to Lombok or even further East!


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