Nusa Lembongan versus the Gili Isles – Gilis 1-0 up after day 1 – Day 57 – 16/Mar

We woke up or more correctly, were awoken up, by the various female relations clucking over the young girl who was to undergo Hindu ceremony of ‘Autonan’ whereby a lock of her hair was to be cut by the local priest. The same types of ceremony exist the world over where Aunts, Grandmothers, Mothers, female family and friends all congregated around the baby a little lady in this case – a beautiful little girl called Kindy –


Women Only Zone – lots of chattering!


whilst all of the guys were sat at the hotel’s entrance passing around various alcoholic beverages. The hotel owner, the Grandfather of the little girl invited us to stay for the ceremony but unfortunately we had to be off in order to be in time for our ferry crossing to Nusa Lembongan but we wished the little lady the very best in life. I am sure with such an entourage helping and looking after her she will have no problems.


The lady of the moment looking somewhat bemused and her mum


Sanur had been a great little place to hole up even if only for the shortest of stays but off we went to our next port of call, a couple of taxis and we were at the fast boat ferry to Nusa Lembongan for some diving. The crossing was quite nice if a bit choppy but this did not detract from it being a nice journey.


Off on the Fast Boat to Nusa


A boneshaker then took us to the dive centre – Dive Concepts – the dive staff told us on our first day we were to be diving Crystal Bay and Manta Cove – names that tickled our diving fancies. The place was quite cool and the divers a chilled bunch but it was a little secluded and as there seemed not a great deal to do we decided to check out the beach to see if snorkelling was a possibility.

The beach, however turned out to be quite a sorry looking sight as it was made up of dead coral both small pieces and ground up stuff, there was a lot of rubbish on the beach and the whole place looked like a bit of a building site really as some of the resorts were in the process of being worked upon. We both hoped that the diving tomorrow would be better than the beaches today!


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