Good snorkelling to be had on Sanur Beach – not on your Nelly or Chicky! – Day 56 – 15/Mar

Today we decided to head for the beach in Sanur – we had read that it was supposed to a nice quiet beach and good for a bit of a snorkel so we decided to test it out, or at least change it forever, and have a bit of much needed rest and relaxation after the woes of yesterday’s transfer. The day was hot and sunny for a change (!) and on the beach we set up camp under the shade of an old tree.


Happier times -pre- me going off on a solo snorkel!

First off we both went for a bit of a snorkel relatively close to the beach and although there were some fish and starfish to see there was not the great snorkelling that the guides would have us believe. In the distance though waves were breaking about 100m off shore, could this be the reef foretold by the guides? Being of an enquiring mind I told Liz I was up for the challenge and her being of far more of a sound mind than I got me to make all the usual promises – if I was in trouble to come back, attacked by sharks come back, seduced by mermaids come back etc etc., making it quite difficult to actually stay out there! So although she did not mind me having a go she was possibly a bit uneasy as the waters were a bit more choppy the further out towards the break it got.

Off I set looking down – as you do when snorkelling – mainly to see any fish etc that were about, there was a lot of coral and kelp but also the odd sandy area if I needed to stop as the water was never very deep. There were quite a few waves but nothing of any consequence and every now and then I would look up and check that Liz was not waving me back in. I was nearing my goal and then looked back and Liz was waving – being unsure as to what was going on I thought it best to return as it MUST be something important for her to be waving so frantically. I turned around and started swimming back but as neared the beach I realised something was amiss with her so I picked up the pace. When I returned it transpired that I had gone out of sight on a couple of occasions and rather than checking out the insurance policy and how she stood, Liz had actually started to worry which then led to panic etc etc – so when I finally beached (not unlike the proverbial whale) she was quite a bit upset – possibly because I had returned from the deep!

Excitement over we went for some food, the great calmer downer and at the place we visited the lady asked if we wanted to try the local spirit called – Arak – in cocktails, which we both had but then swapped them over as both were quite horrible to say the least – nothing disguises the ‘(great) taste’ of Arak!


Aaarrrgghh – this is delicious! Blllurrgghhh



I don’t want to taste it – I really don’t!


Whilst here we had a bite to eat and I attracted a pigeon with bread (laced with Arak [not really, before the RSPB start whining!]) – cool eh!


Coooey Mr Pigeon – some tasty Arak !!!!

We went home and caught up on a bit of shut-eye before then going out on the night for a most excellent meal at a restaurant close by to our digs – I did not write the name of it down so possibly fail my Boy Scout restaurant critic badge. When we got back to the digs the small little shrine they had was decorated as it was the newest member of owner’s family – Kindy – that was having a celebration. This was whereby a lock of hair was to be cut – as we were leaving we hoped we would catch the ceremony before we went.

Kindy’s father explained to us a bit about Hindu inheritancy rights in which women do not inherit anything even if they are the eldest child and that it is the eldest son who who controls the family and its finances – quite a strange concept for us to understand – particularly Liz.


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