This is the Modern World (The Jam) and Fast Japanese Food? – Day 50 – 9 Mar

Today we transferred from Pangandaran to Yogyakarta which as it was arranged through the hotel was quite a more painless affair than getting into Pangandaran. Although, as most journeys in Indonesia were proving, it did have its odd little moments. As it was rice harvesting time all over the place we were actually getting used to seeing motorised haystacks flying about on the roads however, I for one was not prepared for the Indonesian branch of Ikea and their delivery methods. I actually burst out laughing and I laughed so much it robbed me of the faculties to take a picture until it was nearly too late – as the picture quality shows – but the guy in the background was actually delivering two bedsteads by moped! He was seated on the moped and in the middle of two bedsteads – not one but two and not singles but doubles, I still have no idea how he was holding them on, possibly by willpower alone as no other means was obvious but he was weaving all over the road and people were not batting an eyelid – amazing!


Look closely and he is there in the background – honest!!



Liz wake up there is a man with bedsteads I need a witness or no-one will believe me!                     Liz – ‘ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz’

Our new digs had plenty of tours so after getting settled and booked onto a couple I decided to ‘ring’ Santander and L&G by Skype – seemed easy enough all I needed was to get a message to them for them to ring me back on our mobile but no, this is not easy Skype it is not at all easy at lower speeds of internet and Santander’s company rules and regulations and the fact that they use automated call centre systems means that by the time you have been through all the security questions meaning that at the call centre they can put you in touch with someone who has the power to ring you, your time is up and you have been cut off – where have we gone so wrong? Common sense does not seem to prevail – we have sent ‘something’ to Mars by George – can these companies not get it, can they not bend or are they intent on breaking? Okay rant over …. for now (lol).

Most of the day over, we decided to go and try and get some food and whilst there were quite few places they all seemed to have more bad than good points so for some reason we opted for a Japanese ‘Fast Food’ place, after our trip from Bangkok when we visited a similar establishment, we had good vibes about this! The Yogya version however was quite different – as we walked in the staff greeted us American-style with ‘Yahoo’ and a little barbershop duet welcome – or they were killing each other not too sure which! This should not affect the food should it? Well when it arrived perhaps the food had been affected by the singing as it was not the best, quite salty and very poor, so we finally went home unfulfilled and to cap it all, the heavens opened to give us a good drenching – Bloody Japanese – unlike the Vapors I am not Turning Japanese, I really do think so!

Vapours - Turning Japanese

Brilliant work lads



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