Last Full Day of Singapore – out with a few Screams at Universal Studios – Day 40 – 27/Feb

For our last full day in Singapore we had decided to treat ourselves and go and see what Universal Studios had to offer. Being keen, we thought getting there early would beat the crowds, however we arrived so early we beat not only the crowds but also the staff! That said we treat ourselves to a bit of breakfast whilst we were waiting and the Food Court prices were once again very reasonable and the food once again, very good.

As we waited in line the excitement was built by Kung Foo Panda (possibly a man in a bear suit – sorry kids) coming onto the scene and waving at the kids – this was entertainment folks! It appears the staff who open up are mainly comprised of older Singaporean gentlemen so maybe it was this which was holding up the proceedings but finally the moment we had all been waiting for arrived and in we streamed like Salmon going upstream some of us even vaulted the barriers as all hell broke loose YAAAAYEH! Okay, not really folks, this is Singapore and as a former colony all present had a good grasp of the etiquette of queuing, so in we went at a more sedate pace plotting our first moves.


Easy now, one at a time!

The first move in a theme park is key as it sets the tone for the rest of the day – travel miles to a ride which everyone else has chosen or turns out to be crap and this sets everyone off on a bad start – however, hit a good ride with few people on and this is manna from heaven you will be applauded by your peers and carried high above their heads.

Our first ride was ‘The Transformers’ and as usual with these things the queuing system had been designed by someone with evil intent as it possibly took three days to get to the start – I had lost all track of time but this was ‘a ride’ with no queue, when we finally got to the end – hooray for freedom and democracy! And by golly it was good, just the right blend of computer animation and moving parts to get the heart racing – good choice one. From there we hot footed it to ‘The Mummy’ an out and out rollercoaster in the dark ride  with Mummyish shenanigans going on inside – excellent choice number two and this one was soooo good and soooo empty we ran round and did the whole thing again! Liz gave many a scream which is a sure sign that the ride is at least reasonably scary.


Easy Peasy … lol!

Well needless to say on these sort of foundations the entire day could only be a big success – the only blot being that the biggest ride which was actually two rides combined Human and Cyclone of the Battlestar Galactica was off-line – but this did not stop us having a great time on the big rides and also the smaller kiddie rides and the park itself was spotless – as is everything in Singapore! One of the funnier rides was the Jurassic Park water ride we got on with an Asian family, from Grandma and Grandad through to the wee nippers – the ride was made up of points where dinosaurs would roar and a good few good-sized waves would come over the top of the ‘dinghy’ and drench us ‘all’ – well almost all of us as I ended up being bone dry whilst they were all soaking Liz had also escaped the main deluges and was quite dry too … lol.


One of the shows we saw was also very good too – based on Waterworld – the Kevin Costner flop – in a huge pool, complete with scenery and props. The actors/stunt people acted out a key part, when the action starts to hot up and from then on they zipped about in speedboats and on jetskis splashing most of the closest audience – most of the props were ‘destroyed’ by various explosions and the like and the whole thing was great fun. As we darted away we just started to see the scenery moving back into its original places – like magic!

DSC03109  DSC03127

We had goes on some of the more childish rides – Sesame Street and Madagascar – but these were great fun too and ‘got involved’ with a troop of dancing penguins but only for snaps at the end of their routine.


There is an awful lot of new stuff coming online which seems in the process of being built so even more thrills can be had in the future but like all good things it came to an end. It had been a long day though so after a bit of time on the underground we were home and had an hour in bed before going for tea.

Well as it was the final day we felt we had earned a bit of a knees up with respect to the food as well so after first consulting the Lonely Planet we toodled a bit down the road to a food court/market that was most un-Singapore-like in that it was a normal Asian market – i.e. quite scruffy really. In we went and quite a few of the stalls were closed but one which was not showed a picture of the lady cook cooking for a bigwig so this swung it for me and we sat at the little plastic chairs and table and ordered a couple of big beers and three dishes – it is not normally required to order a third dish as you get so much food but we felt expansive and ‘hungry’ but, as expected it was a dish too far and we left an awful amount of food – oh well up early tomorrow and onwards to Indonesia a new country to take in – first stop Jakarta.


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