An easy day or so we thought – a quick jaunt round a reservoir and then off for a Night Safari – Day 39 – 26/Feb

As the title says we ‘thought’ we had we would have an easy day so we had planned for a walk round the Mac Ritchie Reservoir so after a couple of buses we were soon at our destination. Now this is a lovely location, the reservoir is used for many types of watersport and as part of one of the ‘shorter’ jungle walks there is a Canopy Walk – so after a couple of buses and a quick toilet stop we were off.

First strange thing we was saw was quite an alarming sign saying people who entered an electric sub-station would be shot – alarming but not without good reason Electrickery is very expensive and people should not go stealing it willy-nilly!


Hands up – Handover the electricity you have stolen!!


Then very early into the getting underway we saw another unruly mob of monkeys doing spot of grooming or perhaps these were old Singaporean people?

The walk itself was a delight but the weather was hotting up and the walk was obviously used by all and sundry as a jogging/walking/running spot. It was quite interesting seeing middle and older aged people ambling along, absolutely sweating to death, but even so still passing by us! We were not moving particularly quick or slow I thought but …. who knows maybe they were on skateboards being pulled along or levitating!

We were drawn to a big crop of bamboo and Liz was ‘on it like a car bonnet’ doing the ‘Ole Bamboo’ for a quick photo shoot – how it brought a tear to my Mince Pie thought I!


Cor Blimey! – ‘Aving a right ‘How’s your father!’

A bit in and we realised this walk was quite a bit bigger than we intended, as we continued signposts we translated were telling us the full walk would be 12km – but the canopy was not far away was it, maybe we could turn round when we got there? Oh no the canopy walk was exactly halfway round the main walk therefore it was as far to go on as turn back and re-trace our steps therefore one went. The canopy walkway as they inevitably are – was high but with respect to containing anything other than empty canopy it was pretty useless!

When we just got off the canopy walkway we came across a sign that introduced me to ‘the Walking Gingers’ now I know a few Ginners who have grasped the rudimentary concept of speech and perhaps even standing and as far as I am aware they no longer congregate to ‘groom’ BUT Walking – whatever next – this was a new one on me by Jiminey!


I always thought ‘Not in my Lifetime!’


As this was halfway round we were expecting no further wildlife to show its fur or otherwise but happily we were wrong and bits of everything were on view – from a multicoloured pigeon, to a turtle, to more monkeys, to mimosa the plant that moves when you touch it (Liz’s fav) to the weirdest of the lot in terms of plumage at least – the lesser spotted golfer – the plumage of which is very varied and can be quite alarming to say the least as it can be spotted, striped or even tartan in hue! These creatures are more often than not to be seen chests puffed out chasing after their eggs which they convey by means of a small stick! And should they find a good nesting site for their eggs, a burrow or a hole seems to be their preferred option, then they dance backwards and forwards with particular zeal.


Look at Zem with their bright Plumage indeed!


After this exciting end to the walk we stopped in the park for a quick ice creamy bite then more bus catching to get to Singapore Zoo – home of the Night Safari! This started off quite good as we were able to eat whilst watching fire-eaters doing their ‘thing’. After much twirling and whirring they would shoot flames into the air to the audiences’ gasps of delight not a thing to do when having bad wind!

Next up was the nocturnal animals’ night show as the park was just turning dusk. This involved the staff introducing us to some of the nocturnal animals. The highlight being the recycling Otters, different otters were given different items to place in the three recycling bins which each did with great aplomb to the audiences’ applause. I never knew Otters had such green credentials!

We then decided to take the park bus first so we could see the animals at a more leisurely pace and whilst having a sit down. Not all the animals turned out for the bus and as their enclosures were quite large there were a lot of places for them to hide, even then we still saw quite a deal – the Hyenas looked the most threatening, more so than probably the Lions, Disney did not get it wrong when it portrayed them as nature’s bad boys. We did not even get a laugh out of them.


An animal woken up for our pleasure!


Back to walking for the final part of the night and this was quite a few more of the exhibits seen from different angles. To be fair I am not actually convinced that all the animals we saw were actually nocturnal as quite a good few were asleep – at this rate I thought I might even qualify as being nocturnal! One of the strangest items and I am still not convinced whether or not we were in an exhibit’s enclosure but it was when a flying squirrel thing passed overhead – the bats were also quite cool too.

After all this excitement it was bus home and bed but getting a bus home in Singapore and seeing the city at night is quite awesome – very futuristic indeed!


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