Singapore in which the only place throwing rubbish is positively encouraged – Raffles – Day 37 – 24/Feb

Day 37 saw us wing our way onwards to Singapore, the bus tickets worked well and getting out of Malaysia and into Singapore was a relative breeze apart from the usual surly looks all people who scan passports seem to give out – well nobody looks good in a passport photo do they?

We arrived in Singapore on what was a bit of a grim looking day but the city, as we were soon to find out, was impressively clean and well ordered. Our new home was to be a stone’s throw – possibly Mick Jagger’s – from Chinatown’s main entrance and the Singapore underground, also the last word in efficiency, got us there with no problems.

After a quick shower, sh!t and shave we were out and at it, we’d decided on a meal in Chinatown to get the ball rolling then off into the centre to see if we could find Raffles and see what all the fuss was about. I had my Grandad hat on and secreted about my person my pipe should props be necessary when we reached Raffles but first things first …. food.


Chinatown was bedecked with lots of lanterns and we did not notice them earlier but tonight they were all lit up – very impressive it all looked to. However once through the front door of Chinatown we hit the first place we found, a habit we have since kicked and this place played a large part in helping us do this. The food was okay but the staff were possibly the rudest I have ever come across and prone to making mistakes and there was a young lad there clearing away tables the instant a diner stood up to leave, if this was Singaporean hospitality then they could keep it!

Onwards into the centre of town we went and the first thing that hits you after the cleanliness is the vast amounts of really good architecture there is – modern as well as some older and me and Liz were just wandering around like kids in the city staring at all the wonders around us.

Raffles beckoned however and we were hot footing it across town soon forgetting our Chinatown experience in favour of discussing our aching feet – it is a big place after all. We finally reached our destination and headed straight for the Long Bar, this was a right tip very elegantly decked out I grant you but peanut shells all over the floor. We ordered our Singapore Slings and asked what all the mess was about it seeming so foreign in a city which until now had been the height of good hygiene and cleanliness. It appears the shell tossing is a regular thing and positively encouraged, Liz quite took to it straight away I found it slightly more difficult though even with my pipe in place but we gave it a good go and soon sat admit our very own pile of shells.


Simple Grimsby folk enjoying life at Raffles – Peanuts shells on the floor – how decadent


Uptown girl living in her Uptown World – complete with Singapore Sling!

Upstairs we heard music and we decided to hunt it down so up we went drinks in hand – we dare not let them go as they were the most expensive drinks on our expedition thus far and were not down on my spreadsheet – oh what was I going to do. Well following my wife’s lead I suppose good music can soothe even the tightest of wallets and we were soon grooving to the sounds the band were laying down. After a while, emboldened by the Slings and in part due to the Slings now being little more than empty glasses we hit the floor ourselves and had a boogie – dancing the night away in Raffles what an adventure! I would negotiate the costs with my spreadsheet tomorrow but tonight it was time for dancing … lol.

We left Raffles somewhat in a spin and although it was quite a way back our giddy heads and lags soon carried us there. The traffic system does needs some pointing out in that they all line up at traffic lights as if in a race and then when the light hits green treat the roads like that – a racetrack – jaywalkers beware!


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