Getting the most out of KL – Day 33 – 20 Feb

We had decided that if we were only to have a single day in KL that we needed to get the very best out of it so we were up and at ‘em early and off into the big city. Our first port of call was the bird park, however getting there was quite a trek through Merdeka Square again and then a fair bit of walking and near the entrance we were hassled by Monkeys demanding money with menaces! – Real Monkeys = Real Menaces!


Handover your money you Mugs!

Into the park we went and it was very impressive indeed, set out into all different areas we had an excellent time. Liz soon found the Lorikeets who love nectar and nibbling ears – as we had found on our holiday to South Africa – so she was hoping for more of the same from these little fellows and they did not disappoint. I am not great with birds in my ear but the Lorikeets did not know this and were attempting to nest in one of them much to Liz’s amusement.


Tonnes of wax in ear!

From there we went to the Hornbill feeding, there were a couple of different types but both were quite big with huge horned bills – the name says it all really! They were being fed dead baby chicks. Next up was a photo-shoot with a number of birds at once in of these photographing areas – you actually paid for the guys there to set you up with the birds and photograph you with your own camera!


Perfectly Poised – say Cheese!

The grounds for the park were excellent and even had a waterfall in a vast netted area which monkeys were trying to get into! The Bird Show was our next feast of fun – Parrots doing all sorts of wizardry on bikes (Parrot-sized), putting things into baskets, adding up – all sorts of stuff – amazing! One of the exhibits was about chicken and duck production and part of it (guess which part?) was sponsored by my old employees Cherry Valley Farms.


The latest in Fat-Screen Technology Sponsored By Cherry Valley – Hoorah!

All in all the bird park was a great hoot – twas the owls you know!

Across the road was the orchid park and besides orchids I was not sure what to expect but these are one colourful flower so I tried a few photos of the better specimens. If you want a bit of colour in your life get a flower, even better, get an orchid!


The Planetarium was our next stop and this was quite good, the planetarium bit was not quite what I expected but it was still good and the voiceover was Robert Redford – old actors do not die they just get voiceover work! The rest of the building was a space museum and it was quite good reading about the first Malaysian in space it was quite different for us at it was based around Malaysia’s links with the Russians whereas ours is always about the Americans.


Liz – One small poo for woman, once giant POO for womankind!


From here we next needed some architecture – first the old and we had a quick look round the old train station, I say quick as it was not really open -the best thing to photograph was the sign for crossing the road which looks like a gangster crossing the road.


A sign from the 30’s telling Gangsters to be wary crossing the roads in KL!!!


Next, the new – and we had a look at the Petronas Towers


i think the Towers are a bit bigger than that Liz!


– very futuristic looking but a tad expensive for our taste so we instead plumped for the KL Tower to go up and see the sunset from. We bought a triple ticket which gave us access to the tower – so we now have one million and one shots of it gradually darkening over KL – a 6D movie thingamejig which Liz gave a lot of screaming at and a very small but colourful aquarium. The tower was an excellent vantage point to have a look over the city and as it darkened the city looked prettier – at least until you took to the streets and got the close up view!


DSC02484 from the Top and The bottom of KL Tower


We were hungry so had to get up close to KL in order to find food and the food was okay but we were sat on a main street and the waiter forgot one of the dishes I wanted so we decided to call it a day and go back to our digs.


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