The Hughes’ Mini-Jungle Venture and why we shall never be asked to replace Sir David Attenborough – Day 31 – 18/Feb

Although we were somewhat knackered to put it mildly, the events of the previous two days had ignited a spark to see more of what Taman Negara could show, us so I managed to talk Liz into taking our own trek out to see a hide (Lata Berkoh) that was still some distance away – perhaps with a side trek up a big hill if she was feeling keen – she did not seem too keen so I did not press my hill idea further at that point.

It was a glorious day and most of the walk seemed to follow the river so we loaded ourselves up with water, mosquito repellent, sun cream etc and off we went. The walk was hot and all along the way there was yet more evidence of the extent of the flooding – bridges which looked high above the water had been reached by the overflowing river and in some cases damaged – trees with huge root systems had been gripped by the waters and toppled over.


We had no real plan of what we would like to see but the monkeys are always a favourite of to see – so that would have been great but as we journeyed further on our sightings of any animal life were somewhat restricted. We finally reached ‘the hide’ – this looked more like it, the hide was basically a shed perched on stilts looking over an area of the forest not entirely cleared but with not as much bush as elsewhere. We could feel it in our combined waters this was the place – so we settled down to listen out for the wildlife bring it on!


Tee Hee Hee – You can’t see me!

Half hour later after staring at the greenery still bugger-all (and that is not a new species just a state of mind) we had tried making noises like tasty fruit, you know bananas and the like and still nothing. We had walked around the shed’s entirety – viewed all the spiders the place had to offer but we needed some action, monkey or otherwise and we needed it now. And then it happened, monkeys at 3 O’clock, well somewhere up in the bloody trees and they were close! We turned every aspect of our senses onto full and awaited – now this is where my hat comes off entirely to Sir David – five minutes seemed like fifty – ten seemed like a year and fifteen, well you get the picture. he is soooo old but he must be soooo patient as well – comes from years of practice putting up with Dickie I suppose. Every now and again the monkeys would make various noises – we tried making accompanying noises, mainly driven by those hilarious monkey songs from ‘The Jungle Book’ but to no avail maybe they were the new kids on the block and had no idea of what their forefathers had done for Disney!


Nice – monkeyless – Tree

As my gibbering perhaps gives away we stayed the sum total of an hour and half – 90 minutes for zero monkeys – no wonder some animals are on their way to extinction! As we were leaving we got a few more monkey noises but could we see them? Well obviously the answer is no!

We trudged back along the same trail stopping by the side of the river at one point to take in the view the river was getting back to itself and really did look the part – saw a couple of Monitor Lizards on the way back so all was not a complete loss but damn those pesky monkeys!

When we got back to the entrance of the National Park the weather looked as though it maybe a bout to change and there was the odd drop of rain so we popped to the loo and started for the jetty back to our base and who was messing about on a nearby roof but the sodding monkeys. Here they come walking down the street, they get the funniest looks from everyone they meet, hey hey its the monkeys – Tosspots! Big ones, little ones having a right laugh – possibly at our expense!


Don’t look the Hughes’ are here – make it look like we have been here all day LOL!

Home to bed cursing monkeys and there evil ways and hoped the dawn and the move to KL would bring new sights, sounds and (hopefully) no monkeys!


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