KL here we come and Couchsurfing ‘Cracks’ appear – Day 32 – 19/Feb

We woke in the morning to torrential rain – so bad we were forced to put on our Blue Plastic Ponchos, items of clothing that should only be worn in an emergency, an emergency so dire in fact the only other people around are either dead or wearing Ponchos themselves – that is one serious emergency!


The Bells … where is Esmeralda?

Given that the area had recently had their highest river levels in recorded history we needed no second bidding and were off, straight from our digs, straight to the transport and straight off outta there! Goodbye Kuala Tahan!


Okay I think I am ready to go outside – you swear it is still dark don’t you?

As opposed to taking the boat into Kuala Tahan we left the place via bus and as the rain initially started pittling it down definitely this seemed the best option. The only transfer point we negotiated reasonably well though God only knows where we were – Liz inevitably wanted the toilet whilst I kept an eye on the bus to ensure it did not leave.Things were not too bad though and we soon were speeding towards KL unlike the people of the opposite journey away from KL as on this side of the road there had been an accident and huge tailbacks, luckily we were free from all that.

We had intended KL to be the second of our trials of the Couchsurfing code – and as our experience with Andrew in Phuket had gone so well surely this should be the same? When we arrived in KL we were still some way from Amzi’s neighbourhood – our Host to be – so a trip on the rail transport system was required and we were soon there. We had been in contact with Amzi previously and he had seemed in the best of health and there should have been no problems with our arrival … except, when we arrived and contacted him to let him know we were there – he was supposed to pick us up – we received no answer to text or phone messages. Disappointed we decided to leave but whilst we were on the railway heading towards the centre of town who should ring but Amzi – it turned out he had only just got up as him and his kids had been laid up in bed with a bug of some kind. So although a little wary we turned around and went back to our agreed meeting place. This time he was there waiting and although he seemed a bit ‘out of it’ he still looked okay, he then proceeded to drive us to his abode!

The flats where his accommodation was were ropey to say the least however the lift was working which was a Godsend as he lived on the top floor. When we reached the top the view was stunning. In the distance the entire city was laid out in front of us – both KL and Petronas Towers were easily visible and if the accommodation was okay then the flat’s other issues could be overlooked!


However, Amzi’s flat was a bit of a let down as, firstly the entire place was in the process of Amzi giving it a revamp (so he said) – I was not really sure where he had started or was working towards but not a lot had been done in fact the whole style was vintage Crapola, secondly we had requested a private room but Amzi, not being able to say no had allowed another couple to share ‘our’ room – so there you have it! In total, including two kids there were nine of us in a three bedroom dilapidated flat!

We decided to stay at least the night to see how things panned out but quickly made our excuses and took a ‘run’ into town. All in all I am really not sure about KL, it was a place that seemed to be a mish mash of rundown and brand new buildings and the place smelt of wee – maybe it was me, not the wee I mean but KL! During our ramble we hit upon Merdeka Square which was a good people watching place with some really nice buildings but I was not really keen on KL.

DSC02259Maybe ‘it’ and the accommodation would grow on us both tomorrow but during ‘tea’ we discussed it and decided not to give either a second chance and leave the day after for Melaka, a place that had earlier on our travels been recommended to us – call it panic, call it self preservation but we both felt better once the decision had been made and the tickets booked. KL we’re soon to be outta here!


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