A Tale of Two Islands – Langkawi to Penang – Day 21 – 8/Feb

Another day of travel but this was to be a bit easier – simply a Superfast Ferry from Langkawi Island to Penang Island, the taxi was all arranged to pick us up from the Green Village Hotel and onwards towards Georgetown we went. One of the things I had originally planned in to see whilst in Langkawi was Eagle Square and this was next to the Ferry port so another notch on the bedpost was to be had just before we were due to go!

The Eagle in Eagle Square was really impressive and I am not one to be impressed easily by statues – eagle or otherwise. It was huge, had all the right colouring and was huge (again). Look at the photo:


it really does look like it is sweeping in to pick something up from the bay – excellent. Whoever made that thing knew about eagles and their Eagley ways, the only thing better would have been for it to have been constructed with a man or boat in its claws – that would scare the crap outta the tourists lol arriving at the port.

The journey itself was no hassle – we spent a fair old bit of it asleep! Whilst not asleep though we were able to watch a video with English sub-titles BUT with the last line missing, imagine the fun we had piecing together the film! At last we arrived at Georgetown which is a place with a lot of mixed architecture – everyone has had a bit of it and built something there to prove it, I like this town already and its slightly slutty appeal … lol.

We finally made it to our digs but this was quite a way out from Georgetown at a place called Air Hitem and this was one of those hotels where our room had no outside window but it was very clean AND had hot showers, one of those things we no longer take for granted. We ventured out to get a feel for our surroundings and to be fair most of what was going on at night was happening on our very doorstep! The market was a T Rex’s (my head is so large and my arms are soooooo small) throw away from our front door and here at either end of the market they had a ‘Food Court’. These places are great, basically they have a large number of different stalls who all major in one area of cooking and you simply go up to a stall order your food and await the delights on offer bit like we have at home in the shopping centres only more ramshackle. This extra ramshackily-ness makes it VERY cheap and on this occasion also proved VERY tasty so if you have the chance honestly, take it for a test drive – it can be crap but it is so cheap just move to the next stall and order another dish!

One of the funny things we noticed thus far on our travels is although the SE Asians do spend a lot more time with their elders and respect them as they should, they do have a great habit of bringing them out and leaving them with a beer while they bugger off! Some old gal next to us who had a bit of a Stephen Hawking look about her so she was not a well person and we thought she was on her own until we realised her family had long since gone and left her with a Guinness. All the while we ate she sat there on her own except when I think someone must have ghosted back at some point to give her a refill but that was it! Who needs social services? Guinness – I give you permission to use this on your next advertising campaign … lol. Guinness guards wrinklies! We also tried sugar cane which is simply a sweet drink but does not really have too much going for it – okay but come on Malaysia, this is not beer!DSC01446


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