Chilling in Langkawi and a visit to the Aquarium – Day 20 – 7/Feb

Today was one of those we had put aside for a general meandering about with no fixed purpose – a fine day for dossing about! We had seen on our earlier trip onto the seafront that there was an aquarium so we decided to visit that on our wanderings and also see if we could bag a few cheap clothes at the various vendors down the high street.

The aquarium was quite a nice place with a little bit of everything. Well mainly fish as you would expect I suppose but also a few birds – Parrots and Flamingoes and the like as well as Seals and Insects but also the stars of the show – the Penguins. They also had a tunnel that you could go through so you could see the bigger fish – a couple of Rays, big Groupers and Black Tip Reef Sharks – pretty much standard fish for aquariums all over the world but good fare for us on a chill out day. The shows were pretty much standard too but it was really good to see the children, of quite a few different nationalities all laughing at the same kinds of Penguiny antics and generally enjoying both the penguins and the seals. Is there something about these animals that transcends race, creed and colour … lol.

Okay Doctor - I haven't a clue - which one were we here for?

Okay Doctor – I have not got a clue – the one we are supposed to treat is Black and White ……

It was here I decided to try out my wildlife photography skills and as you can guess for every one photograph to appear in Flickr – at least 27 have been deleted – those wildlife photography guys must have great patience, well greater than mine.


Or perhaps they use either Superglue or nails both methods I did consider at least on a couple of occasions.

Okay very Funny - who slipped me the Viagra!

OKAY OKAY VERY FUNNY – Who slipped me the Viagra?

So after the photography at the aquarium another trial to test the patience of any guy – shopping! Now as ever is the case, especially when it is the partner who is after something – in other places, at other times, loads of things have been there to be purchased, stuff jumping off clothes pegs saying ‘buy me, buy me’, however because today my wife actually wanted something, could anything be found – not a dickie bird! Langkawi itself is a duty free island, not that alcohol seemed particularly cheap, Malaysia is a dear place to have a drink anywhere and although this island is a bit cheaper it is still not cheap. Alcofrolics beware!

One strange thing was that there were an awful lot of muslims stocking up on electrical goods – phone stuff – which made me wonder if they knew something I did not but a lot of people know something I do not so i did not consider this new news!

On the way back to the digs we decided to stop off at one of the little eateries o the way for a Laksa now this can only be described as a mouth burner with so much more. It is a soup, my version had chicken and a boiled egg enabling me to answer which came first (the following day)! The meal was spicy hot but delicious and had noodles which are the new chips to me – well no they are not but you know what I mean!

One thing me and Liz have noticed is how the staff in restaurants seem quite cool compared to Thai people in the same jobs. This is probably because tipping is not expected in Malaysia therefore there is no real urgency to impress but even so the service generally thus far has been good so keep it up Malaysia 8 out of 10.


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