Today much better, so much so, went to Koh Phi Phi and in our overjoyed state, got bloody Sunburnt! – Day 17 – 4/Feb

Well after the problems we had with the food poisoning our landlady worked a blinder and got our trip to Phi Phi Island – which we were supposed to go on yesterday – moved to today and allowed us to stay an extra day too so we could make the journey – more bucks for her but still nicely done all the same. So although we were still quite fragile, the morning crossing from Krabi to the island gave us plenty of time to recover, perhaps a little too much time as we felt much better by the time we got there!


Phi Phi was a great find and we decided to use some of the advice given to us by the young Aussie we shared a lift into Krabi with and see if we could find the Black Tip Sharks he had seen at the end of Long Beach on the island. This turned out to be a much more difficult an exercise than we imagined as this beach was at the far end of the island and quite some walk but undeterred our heroes (Liz and I!) set off.


Koh Phi Phi is a lovely island with lovely beaches but it was quite a trek – not for those with disabilities to manage, especially on such a hot day so we stopped part way to our destination and did a bit of snorkelling. This was quite good as there were plenty of small colourful fish to be seen especially the Sergeant Major fish – the little black and yellow fish, which there were loads of. Being of an adventurous nature we decided to see if we could attract even more fish using a bread and sausage bun we had bought for rations from a 7/11 the night before. The bun went down a storm and not only more fish came round but those that did started to nibble anything looking like a sausage or a bun lol. It was one of those moments when you start to wonder if you have done the right thing and hope that the fish do not start having ideas about holding a piranha style feeding frenzy taking their nibbling to a new dimension but we finished the snorkelling in tact and none the worse for the feeding.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnwards we continued to Long Beach as the lure of seeing the sharks was too much and there was still away to go. When we got there though seeing the sharks was quite a bit more difficult than we thought as our Antipodean friend had neglected to mention that he had seen them snorkelling from a boat trip off Long Beach! From the shore, Shark Point the small island they could be seen at, was a good 80-100m away. Between the cordoned off swimming area for beach snorkelers and Shark Point itself there was the the seaway the long boat taxis took to ferry people about and they were crossing back and forth very regularly. We did quite a bit of snorkelling round the beach as this was quite interesting and plenty to see but then as there was a lull in the sea taxi traffic I decided to try my luck at getting out to the island which I did manage but to no avail as I could only get to the near side of the island in the time I had, as we still had the long walk to get our ferry back to Krabi. Also on the swim back from the island I did have a bit of trouble with one of the taxis who thought I should not be swimming in his part of the sea!

Well when I got back we literally hot footed it back to the jetty to get our ferry home, however with all the day’s excitement not quite as much sun cream had been applied to our exposed regions as should have been and ….. Well you can guess the rest, I was comatose most of the journey back radiating heat in waves and when we got back Liz had fared no better and was sporting a    luminous white ass on a fiery red background (I do actually have a photo to prove this but I am sure it will not see the light of day, due to editorial controls being in place – i.e. Liz would kill me! Lol).



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