Good bye Krabi, World Record Attempts and ‘Hello Langkawi, Malaysia’ – Day 18 – 5/Feb

Well after all its trials and tribulations it was time to say Goodbye to Krabi not before one last parting gift from Krabi to us – the ‘World Record attempt to fit as many people as possible into an air conditioned minivan and drive them to Satun’ – the ferry terminal which would get us to Langkawi. When we first got into the van we had no idea of our driver’s intentions but as he drove round Krabi picking up more and more people with more and more baggage we knew we were a part of something special and so the attempt was on. At some point surely common sense would see the light of day but oh no, our driver was past this and kept cramming them in until at last he was sure in his own mind that no-one would actually last the entire journey and at this point we set off!

Next record he seemed to be trying to break was the ‘Strangest route to Satun’ as he appeared to be sneaking up on our destination, and at one point I did think we were actually going to cross into Malaysia before coming back out and onto Satun but after a 3-16 hour journey (as time loses meaning when caught a vacuum – really!) we finally made it to Satun and the jetty by which time we had five minutes before the boat ferry was due to depart! Our driver was not a master of records but he was a master of time keeping after all!

The ferry ride from Satun was very nice as it was one of the High Speed ferries and the crossing was a good one. One slight problem was that just before we embarked Agoda had sent a message through saying that our hotel could not put us up and would one of the options they gave us be suitable so we had plumped for the Green Village and hoped everything would begin order when we got there! As we had been used to staying in one star hotels and this was a two star it was luxury – the blurb said it even had a pool – would this all come to fruition, would we be living like Gods?

Well yes is the easy answer, we simply got the taxi from Langkawi’s terminal and was dropped of about half an hour later at our Malaysian palace. No it was not the villa below.  After having a look about the place staring at the wonders it had – hot water, pool, wall-to-wall geckos etc – we could not resist jumping into the pool – not only to cool down but to ease the sun burn still throbbing all over!!. Got talking to a lovely couple from Canada in the pool, Bud and Dar – they were a bit older than us but we had same sense of humour and liked a drink and they were well travelled and gave us tips on Asia.


Langkawi seemed a really nice place and we took to it straight away however our first experience of the food was not one of its finest – we went to a ‘restaurant’ that advertised itself as being for local being run by local people and its food was quite shite. To be fair up until this moment most of the food we had experienced was of good quality but this was quite poor. Still this did not take the shine from Langkawi and we arranged for a trip the following day.


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