Visited Railay beach – 1/Feb

Today we took a trip to Railay beach – although it was almost scuppered before it started as, true to Thai custom, they have to have a full bus/boat/aeroplane/tuk-tuk – whatever before they set off and our trip was a few persons short. Thankfully a few punters later and we set off on the 45 minute journey.

Railay beach is one of those idyllic places part mangrove area and part limestone karsts where for those with the ability and required fitness there was rock climbing to be had – this was not to be our main priority though, as a matter of fact it never even occurred to us!


There were a couple of beaches each side of Railay and on the way to the first we went to, which was on the opposite side to the jetty, we had the opportunity to witness climbers having go at the limestone walls, it wore us out watching them so we went on to the beach to try our hand at a bit of snorkelling to see what we could find. At first there was not a great deal going on near the sands it was only when we got nearer to the rocks that we saw quite a few more fish but then the sea was not the clearest but at least we saw something – a few sea cucumbers and a number of more colourful fish!

Before we set off back to the next beach we saw a shrine devoted to cock/dildoes/phallic symbols – well you get the picture and if you do not please see the attached lol. Not really sure what it was all in aid of but long may it continue especially if Liz joins in the celebrations – lol.


On the way back to the other side of the promontory we saw a gang of monkeys – I say gang because these guys (and gals) were definitely loitering with intent. They seemed the type who would parade a young’un in front of you whilst two or three others picked the combination on your backpack and stole your worldly belongings – be warned!


All in all it was a very chilled sort of day though on the way back to Krabi it turned from chilly to positively breezey! The boat of choice for the area is the longboat which has probably been on the go since time in memorial so fair play to it and who am I to argue – well at least until I was at the front of this particular boat in the choppy waters on the way back from Krabi – at which point every wave we went through I got drenched. If it had been a comedy sketch, and I am sure Morecambe and Wise did one were Eric got a right soaking, then it would have been funny, however the trip was long enough as it was without me having a bucket of cold salty water thrown over me every five minutes!

When we got back the first point of call was to get ourselves in shipshape fashion before venturing out into Krabi town centre. As mentioned previously Krabi do have a couple of food markets and at one of these the locals were out in force, possibly even more so because there appeared to be a broadcast going out so various little bits and bobs were going on from a stage at one end of the area. A particular highlight being the youngsters doing the dancing – not too sure about the amount of makeup they get the girls wearing but they were all in time to a tee (though I know nothing)   and everyone was well entertained.




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