Travelled from Phuket to Krabi – 31/Jan

First we said our final goodbyes to Andrew, Tik, Cody and Cowboy before setting off to catch the bus to take us to Phuket bus station. The first bus was very slow but after what seemed like an eternity we finally arrived at Phuket bus station but we got onto a normal coach with normal aircon – result.


Once again in Krabi the Thais had positioned another bus station a good distance from the actual town centre with the sole intention of making money from people (like us) needing to be transported inwards. We had met a young couple on the bus and the guy, an Aussie had been to Krabi before so gave us some good tips as to where to go – particularly Koh Phi Phi for the snorkelling which we decided we must follow up on and we shared a songthaew (aka pick up with benches) into town with them.

Our hotel was called the Baifern Mansion and it was quite decent – the bed comfortable and its location brilliant – the only thing I was a little concerned about was that it appeared to be run by a little Thai woman with the habit of making everything she said seem really aggressive but we did eventually find her to be an all round good egg.

After settling in, we popped out later on the night to get our bearings and have a bit of a scootch around. Krabi is situated on the bank of one of the many tributaries flowing into the Andaman Sea and has plenty of trips going out to many of the nearby islands – so we signed up for one for Railay Beach for tomorrow. A strange thing about Krabi is their amazing traffic lights which make ours in the UK seem quite bland but I have included a photo so you can make up your own mind. As for Krabi nightlife it is really based around a set of night foodstalls by the river and a couple of food markets – so plenty to choose from there but do watch out some of what you eat may bite back – see 3/Feb!

DSC00934  DSC00935


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