Phuket Diving – Days 8 and 9 – Dive, dive, dive

These two days were really all about why we are doing what we are doing – well one of the main reasons. To increase our ability as divers and do it in waters which should allow us to spot the more interesting aquatic species – although I am not so sure the Rainbow Trout of Capernwray would necessarily agree!

We dived the next two days of our trip away with our host Andrew looking after us as our divemaster. The first day was the easier of the two to ease us in gently and on this trip we were to complete three dives, the first two were at Racha Noi and the last was at Racha Yai.

From the very first dive things were that much easier than diving back in the UK as firstly we were wearing wet suits as opposed to the more restrictive dry suits required for diving back home. Visibility and the simple difference in water temperature as well were making things much easier. These dives did not require us to go to great depths but even then there was still plenty to see, the highlights being an octopus and best of all two mating cuttlefish – a little Marvin Gaye on the turntable and Pappa Cuttlefish was out a-wooing, absolutely amazing thing to see. Next dive of the day was again at Racha Noi but we dived Marina Bay here again we saw an octopus but also this time a lot more fish and we have resolved ourselves to finding out more about the fish we are seeing. Also on this dive we saw a Moray Eel – ugly mothers they are! After this dive we had dinner before sailing to the final dive at Racha Yai which was a small wreck and some sunken blocks – to make a new reef. Here again there were more fish but also a vivid black on blue type of starfish to see as    well.

cuttlefish  IMG_2764

The second day’s diving began with the King Cruiser (wreck) dive which I was slightly worried as to how Liz would take to it as it is a bit more demanding as a dive but she was like an expert – she found it much easier than I did! This was our deepest dive to date at just over the 29m mark but it was also a great dive. We started at the propeller went around to the front of the boat then through the ship itself from one side to the other before ending at the toilets for a spot of comedy camera shooting – watching out where we were sitting for the urchins which were ever present on this dive. We also on this dive saw tonnes of fish including Barracuda and a couple of Lion fish too. After this came Shark Point near the lighthouse, although it was explained that the chances of seeing sharks was slim it was still a good dive. Even though the current was strong I hardly used my BCD and again we saw Barracuda, Parrot Fish and more hiding Moray as well as numerous others. The last dive Koh Doc Hai was to be a wall dive with the chance of a couple of caves as well. The wall part was fine but by the time we got to the initial cave – a shallow, large cave – so much sand had been kicked up by other divers we could not see a thing so did not attempt it. On this dive we saw a Banded Sea Snake – very venomous – but this was from a distance so no problems there then. The final bit of the dive – and this we knew nothing about until we got back to Andrew’s house where when he checked his camera he had managed to film a part of the dive when a Ramora fish mistook Liz for a shark and was swimming alongside her looking for the opportunity to attach itself. Andrew was actually waiting for the “Youv’e been framed moment’ when Liz would realise a fish was so close and Sh!t herself – but she was oblivious and the £250 could not be won … lol.
IMG_2799   IMG_2802


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