Day 7 – Finally arrived at Phuket – Kamala and loose our Couchsurfing Virginity!

If you have read my last post you can well imagine the state we were in when we reached Phuket – the bus (Fridge?) had well and truly taken us in, devoured our souls and spat out what was left – or at least it felt that way! From the bus terminal in Phuket – in Thai towns they are at least 100 miles form the town they are supposed to be in – we took a taxi to meet our new host in a town called Kamala on the other side of Phuket.


Our new host, an American called Andrew Mouser was a great guy (even better, a Divemaster too) and not a mass murderer as some in the UK had expected (or hoped for) and he had a Thai girlfriend a lady called Tik and two dogs Cowboy and Cody as well as great accommodation. Basically he let us roll up get as unpacked as we could, we discussed the area and what there was to do and see, planned the diving side of things (2 days diving starting tomorrow) then me and Liz set out to explore our local surroundings in Kamala. Quite honestly it was all a bit strange really having someone allow you into their own home who really did not seem to want or require any real interaction but just lets you get on with staying at their house – so there you have it, as I said somewhat strange especially for us Brit types. We had our own bedroom and bathroom and basically had the run of the place along as we did not take the mickey – all for free too!

Kamala has really a nice stretch of beach with a few longboats in the bay area and surrounded on both sides by hills. The sand was really white and very fine and although people – taxi drivers etc – question you about food or whether you want ferrying about, there is no sense of them actually being bothered enough to keep badgering you – must be the heat, be warned you Turks and Egyptians! Needles to say though the trip had taken its toll so we went back for a kip and Andrew suggested them taking us out to a local market after we had slept.

Once awoke, and after a Shower, Sh!t and Shave (and that was just Liz) and we were out and about. Tik drove and took us to – God only knows where in Phuket Town – for the night market. Markets appear to be big in Phuket and this had loads of stuff but we began by having some food which was quite a cool introduction to non-Bangkok cuisine. The food was excellent and the whole place was quite crazy but great anything you wanted to buy was there – oh why did we pack anything! From there we went to the ‘Street-of-many-colours’ which had been turned into a market for the night too, so down there we had small bands – the first a brass band! – bad singers or good Thai singers (not sure which it is) and all sorts of arts and crafts going on – it had a really great vibe and was a great start to our new surroundings. On the way back Tik did an amazing piece of driving to miss a car pulling out of a parking place – cool work Tik – and we had our first night surfing our very first ‘couch’ no longer CS virgins any more!

DSC00712  DSC00702  DSC00701


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