Bangkok – Day 6 – One last visit to the Park and then Off to Phuket

Today we say goodbye to Lee’s Travel Inn, which was our home for 6 nights.  It served as a good base and was clean but the mattress was bloody hard and had no sink in bathroom so lots of improvising went on with the cold showers!


Tonight we knew were going to be the first real tests of our resolve to backpack. We had to get the bus from Bangkok to Phuket – a twelve hour journey in order to arrive in Phuket for 9am the following morning in order to stay with our first couchsurfing host, an American called Andrew Mouser.

The night was to be a grueller so we decided quite early on that the day would be quite an easy one so packed our bags early and then grabbed some street food and spent our last bit of time in Lumphini Park.



We meandered about people/lizard/bird/squirrel/fish-watching before steeling our resolve and picking up the backpacks to make our first journey to the Bus Station – South Terminal, which is more in a Westerly direction really. We needed to get the 9pm bus so we got there with plenty of time to kill so spent some of it eating at a Japanese Fast-food place which was quite nice we then sat about until just before the bus was due to go which was the point when we realised we did not actually know where the bus stop was – after a moment or two of panic we found it and climbed aboard – and spent a short amount of time laughing like loons.

The TRIP! – the following twelve hours can only be described as life in a fridge – or at least trying to sleep in one! The aircon was on super duper and we were so chilled it was difficult to get to sleep so a bad night’s rest was had by all – it was difficult enough to keep hypothermia at bay! We have decided that we are more the lukewarm backpackers (Flashpackers!) than hardcore! As you should be able to see my travelling companion had the right idea for a good night’s kip …. lol.



2 responses to “Bangkok – Day 6 – One last visit to the Park and then Off to Phuket

  1. The only remarkable thing you remember about a 12 hour bus journey was the cold ???? That doesn’t sound like a hughes’s trip at all , no random strangers talking to you !

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