Bangkok – Day 4 – On Top of the World Ma! – Bangkok Style

After being awoken quite early by dogs barking/fighting – well generally making a row – we breakfasted in Lumphini Park. After our earlier impromptu start to the day the Park is like an oasis but one that does have a dark side – it contains Monitor Lizards – huge great things and they come out the water basically with the sole intention of frightening good honest English folk like me and Liz – be warned.


Today was meant to be a bit more relaxing so we thought we would start as we meant to go on by having a good cup of tea at the MBK before getting started, however horror of horrors we actually ordered Thai Tea! Thai Tea is a light brick red colour and they seem to use Carnation milk so it is very creamy just not tea as we know it so hardly the refreshing brew we had been looking forward to! English breakfast tea rules the waves.

Round the corner from the MBK is Jim Thompson’s House which is quite a cool thing to do – there is a guided trip and our guide was very good. The house has been made up of 6 smaller houses and Jim was quite an entrepreneur in silk however he was also ex CIA and he disappeared whilst in the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia – which is another place on our travels – maybe we can unlock the mystery lol. At the house they also had a guy taking silk from the silkworms’ cocoons via a small spinning tool – quite cool really. A further couple of Thai ladies were then showing off the completed item.IMG_0099IMG_0135

After JT’s house we went to the Erawan Shrine which is quite a strange little shrine in the midst of loads of big shops and shopping malls and next to the Skytrain – so it really is surrounded by modern paraphernalia on all sides. All sorts of people come to make offerings and/or they could pay for the Thai dancers to sing a prayer for them whilst accompanied by musicians. Some of those giving offerings were quite humble folk with little to give but then next in line was the Thai version of Paris Hilton – done up to the nines – who was offering whole ducks and suckling pig and pieces of meat and oh no she was not carrying a thing her servants were bringing them from her car. All the stuff she was bringing was obscene but maybe she just had a lot more to be forgiven for.


On to Bayoike Tower, the tallest building in Thailand! Took a lift to the 83rd floor which has an outside rotating floor, great fun. They did have a transparent lift that goes up on the outside of the tower up to the 77th Floor but NO WAY was I (Liz) getting in that much to Pat’s disappointment! Could see for miles and also could see all the smog – Bangkok is huge but quite a mixture of the excesses – the very rich and very poor are side by side here and no more is this so noticeable as up on this rotating floor!


On the way home we decided to give one of the nearby noodle houses a try – these are only one-up from the street sellers Duck with Wonton Soup – not by the Marx Brothers. This was simply an old boy cooking what to all intents and purposes was duck to an old handed down recipe and it was delicious – probably something mass produced but it tasted good enough to eat so I did!


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