Bangkok – Day 3 – Thai Boxing and Meditation(!) is not for Wimps

One of the things I have not covered thus far when telling you of our living arrangements is the fact that we are having our showers Thai-style – i.e. – Cold Showers, There are no benefits to cold showers at all and please do not give me that ’saving the environment’ argument until you yourself have suffered a few! Yes okay they do wake you up but at what cost, I am not even sure they are something I want to get used to. And, yes there is no accompanying photo with this one!

Breakfast – as has been the case with most of my food ordering – was an interesting affair. I ordered what I imagined to be small pieces of deep fried meat with rice only to discover that ‘joy-of-joys’ it was actually Duck Itchings with rice. For those who know me of old from Cherry Valley I worked on – and patented lol – duck itchings the rival to pork scratchings – flavoured duck skin cooked until crispy. As such, it probably would have taken a million ducks to produce one bag but yummy all the same. I considered exploring my theory with the old Thai lady I had bought my meal from – whilst asking for considerable royalties but as we had no words of common ground and I could not find the Thai word for royalties I thought live and let live. Phooey to all those doubters back at CVF lol.

Today we actually travelled the Chao Phraya River by Express boat and the tugs that pull the barges are amazing as the barges they pull appear to be sinking! Never seen anything like it in my life! The river is very busy lots of twoing and froing – boat taxis, pleasure cruises and the odd man sitting in the tiniest boat (or bowl) fishing! We passed some very expensive looking hotels and some less expensive shacks where the poor dwell! The river itself looked really dirty – not one I’d like to dip my toe in – but didn’t smell too bad, quite like Venice! Anyway turned out to be a cheap and efficient way to taxi up river – better than walking as the feet are starting to swell in the heat!


The Express was our means of getting to the Museum of Siam – this is proclaimed by the Thais as being ‘interactive’ – see below


Fair play there were many things to do but I have a feeling kids in the UK would soon be kicking up a fuss especially as there was no zombie killing to be had but there were plenty of hats! The story behind the museum is its explaining of what it is to be Thai and where the Thais come from as a nation and it was very good. It did however have a precursor in an exhibition looking in particular at a Bangkok neighbourhood called Tha Tian, the area the museum is based in, in which Bangkok itself was examined in more detail as to what its origins are and the feeling we left with was that they, like some parts of the UK, with all of the new buildings and the ‘progress’ what is being lost as a result! Am I beginning to sound like an old git?

Meditation – well what can I say about this one! This was one of those things that I saw on the net as being firstly ‘free’ and secondly as I thought ‘easy’. Well it definitely lived up to part one but the easy part well this fell apart when I realised that at some point during my life I had lost the ability to sit cross legged for anytime longer than approximately 15 seconds – bit of a drawback for us ‘wanna be’ Buddhist Monks. Of course as I should have know there would be the odd ringer taking part so me and Liz stuck out like saw thumbs anyhow – we began with the walking thing easy enough but the sitting thing – argh – that said, the monk’s voice had relaxed me so much even through the pain of sitting cross legged I could still feel myself start to fall asleep! It was a three hour session but we managed to last two hours and to be fair to the monk I think he had caught onto the fact that we were not keepers so gave us the opportunity to make for the door – however due to being somewhat incapacitated this was the slowest breakout in christendom!! – Beware of Meditation!


To finish the day of we paid a visit to the MBK Shopping Mall – home to selling just about most things you can think of also plays host to some Thai – Muay Thai Boxing that is free to watch so we picked a great place above the ring and watched on. Funnily enough the first bout we saw involved a Spanish lad and a lad from Leeds – quite violent and though the Spaniard had a longer reach the English lad hit home more often so to our unbiased eyes was easily winning – at one point the Spaniard was trying the dirty tricks of trying to use his elbow in our lad’s face – I say dirty tricks but it is Thai boxing so just about anything is fair game. Well our guy won on a points decision and received much good cheering from myself and Liz. Hooray for Blighty! Next to fight were a couple of young Thai girls but that was a bit of a miss-match as one had a longer reach and new what she was doing and the other turned up so the favourite easily won. Of course, in between each round the usual scantily clad young lady presented the round number during which time Liz was often heard to enquire as to whether such ‘ladies’ actually have real jobs!


It was a good punch up end to what was a good if not tiring day.


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