Bangkok – Day 2 – Wat the Pho!

Today we breakfasted Thai-style, Liz went for a very nice omelette complete with rice which was both very tasty and filling whereas I went for something a little more minced pork style. Both dishes were accompanied with what looked like a lethal combination of chillies and some very flavoursome liquid, therefore if mine needed to have heat added I determined   could not possibly be hot on its own – wrong, very wrong as my mouth found out at the time and my backside sometime later. certainly beats your Kellogg’s cornflakes for flavour but boy did it have a kick.

Wat Pho and the Grand Palace –


these are both what they say on the tin – spectacular Thai-style! Firstly, Wat Pho the inspiration behind a most excellent title for this segment – with jokes like this the age of radio is not dead. What Pho is the home of the reclining Buddha a huge thing in gold leaf with feet 4m high, the carvings and artwork are very intricate and I would recommend it to anyone.


The whole place is awash with stupas and temples but all-in-all very tranquil – as long as you get there before ‘The Chinese’! One highlight not of the religious variety was the Thai workmen on the scaffold, working pretty much as men have since time gone by until Health and Safety got its grubby mits on such operations – all the guys needed was a bit of music and it was as good as watching the high wire at the circus!


Had a quick bite by the River before heading to the Grand Palace. for this – if you are foreign: a) you have to pay and, b) you have to ‘cover up’! This I have no problems with but please could we not at least try something similar back home. Say for a visit to the major sights in London we make foreigners wear the garb of the Pearly Kings and Queens, up North, for a visit to the York foreigners would have to don a

flat cap and sing ‘Ilkry Maw baa Tah’ and on and on. Besides this, the Grand Palace was just grand but a good walk albeit with plenty of photo opportunities. My particular favourites are anything that looks like an aggressive monkey man.


The way back was an arduous trek through Chinatown once again, we had toyed with the idea of Tuk Tuk haggling but were both frankly too knackered and most seemed too intent on running us down for us to flag them down! We stopped off in Lumphini Park which is an oriental version of Central Park but awfully nice to watch Thai joggers with a variety of jogging styles – the same as Western jogging but with more Kung Fu moves. This was my time to photograph nature – a turtle and a couple of birds I shall have to look up later!

When we finally reached home we were once again jiggered – enough to require a good deal of napping after which I relived this morning’s breakfast by unleashing a poo such as left me with that old Johnny Cash feeling – ‘Ring of Fire’! Many a tear was shed over that one and was my lesson well learned – was it hell! We popped round the corner to Patpong and whilst taking in the sights we stopped off for a bite to eat and what did I order but Spicy Lemon Pork – which consists of lots of Chillies, huge Garlic Chunks and small pieces of Pork – I am presently typing this in a bit of a quandary as to what the consequences may be tomorrow as this particular meal had my mouth on fire from ground zero – no hope for my ass I fear!

Whilst strolling around this particular area I found out that the Thai appear to have a great fondness for both Cats and Table Tennis and have even formed an tainment that marries the two but this was, as Austin Powers would say – ‘not my bag’, so we went and found a place for a beer witha most strange band playing all the classics but with a bass player that looked like one of the villains – with mask on – from one of the Scooby do cartoons – those pesky kids!

DSC00356Well back home now – dare not sleep due the chilli reaper possible effects on my ass but overall a very good second day in Bangkok.


3 responses to “Bangkok – Day 2 – Wat the Pho!

  1. Loving the blogs you pair! I hope you’re managing the ring sting alright 😉
    Can you get me a piccy of these table tennis cats?

    Have a lovely time in Phucket, love you both millions xxxxx


    • You did twig on to the fact that the ‘Table Tennis Cats’ we were asked to watch was whilst were in a red light district in Bangkok – i.e. – Ping Pong Pussy!!
      If I have to explain it any more than that I shall go very red.
      Lol – we both love you loads too and I am sure you knew what I was on about xxxx


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